16GB+1TB Camera Phone, $756 Off, Snapdragon 8Gen2

With Apple’s dwindling sales in the domestic mobile phone market, it has provided major domestic smartphone manufacturers with significant opportunities. Why is Apple becoming increasingly unpopular in China? It’s because many believe Apple has exhausted the love and expectations from its Chinese consumers. Every year, we hope for some major changes in the new iPhone, but every year we end up disappointed. On the other hand, domestic smartphones are becoming stronger. Brands like OPPO, vivo, and Xiaomi have all launched highly competitive flagship phones this year.


Even if we set aside flagship phones, many mid-range phones priced around 3000 yuan are equally competitive. Their configurations far surpass those of a standard iPhone 15 priced at nearly 6000 yuan! Chinese smartphone users who have come to understand Apple’s strategy no longer see the appeal of expensive and less functional iPhones. Aren’t domestic smartphones just as good? Take, for example, the flagship in the 3000-yuan market, the Honor 100Pro. It offers everything you want in terms of appearance, photography, and performance. Except for the iOS system, what iPhone 15 offers, the Honor 100Pro can offer, and even better!


The first hardware feature we experience on a phone is the screen. The Honor 100Pro’s front screen won’t disappoint you. The full-view curved screen is stunning, offering a 6.78-inch curved screen with 120Hz refresh rate support, providing smooth scrolling on the large screen. With a peak brightness of 2600 nits, it is not afraid of strong outdoor light, and features such as 1 billion colors, enhanced video clarity, and ultra-dynamic wide color display technology make the screen viewing experience excellent. To enhance eye protection, Honor’s Oasis Eye Protection Lab has conducted exclusive optimizations for this phone, caring for eye health from multiple dimensions such as flicker, color, brightness, and blue light.


For a phone to be used for a long time and still maintain a smooth experience, performance is crucial! Therefore, the Honor 100Pro is equipped with the second-generation Snapdragon 8 flagship chip. Due to its leading 4nm process technology, this chip offers strong performance without high power consumption. Even when gaming, the phone doesn’t heat up or throttle. Paired with the GPU Turbo X virtual discrete graphics technology, it brings higher frame rates than native frame rates. Whether for gamers, movie enthusiasts, or daily users, battery life and charging experience cannot be ignored, and the Honor 100Pro performs well in this aspect too.


The Honor 100Pro features a built-in 5000mAh super-large battery, supporting 100W wired and 66W wireless charging. With high energy density battery discharge without loss, charging is extremely fast. In terms of photography, the Honor 100Pro’s performance is quite impressive. It features a 50-megapixel professional-grade OIS main camera lens, a 50x telephoto optical anti-shake lens, and a 112-degree ultra-wide-angle macro lens. For selfies, it uses a 50-megapixel IMX816 professional-grade lens with autofocus. The powerful lenses bring a DSLR-level photography experience, combined with Honor’s self-developed imaging algorithm, ensuring excellent bokeh effect in portrait photos and easy handling of backlight photography.


In terms of design, the Honor 100Pro is quite eye-catching. The back panel features smooth and natural curves, while the camera draws inspiration from the “patio” of Gaudi’s architecture, creating a new artistic realm with high recognizability. The Monet Purple version incorporates both glass and matte leather materials, bringing a unique charm with dual textures.

As a phone equipped with the second-generation Snapdragon 8 flagship chip, the Honor 100Pro’s configuration covers many aspects such as screen, performance, battery life, charging, and photography, and most importantly, the 16GB+1TB version is now priced at only 756 yuan, offering excellent value for money.

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