$210 eSports Phone: 144Hz, 66W, Snapdragon 888, 12GB+256GB

Evolution of Mobile Esports

In the past, we used to play games like Fruit Ninja or Snake on our smartphones, while the term ‘esports’ primarily referred to PC gaming. However, with the rise of smartphones, esports now encompasses not only PCs but also mobile devices. Many games have even started hosting esports tournaments, paving the way for numerous professional mobile esports players. This growth in mobile esports can be attributed to the increasing power of smartphones.

Esports Phone

From seniors in their seventies to children under ten years old, everyone plays games on their phones. While well-off professional gamers can opt for high-priced flagship phones or gaming smartphones, budget-conscious players also deserve a premium gaming experience, right? In my opinion, smartphones like the Honor X40GT Speed Edition are designed specifically for players on a budget.

Esports Phone

For an enhanced gaming experience, three key aspects play a crucial role: the screen, performance, and cooling system – and the Honor X40GT Speed Edition excels in all three. First, in terms of the screen, it features a 6.81-inch ultra-narrow full-view display with a 144Hz refresh rate for smooth visuals and a 480Hz touch sampling rate, enhancing responsiveness by 10%. Additionally, with 16x high-precision touch control, operations are precise and instantaneous.

Esports Phone

In the performance department, the Honor X40GT Speed Edition is equipped with the flagship Snapdragon 888 chipset. While there was much debate surrounding this chipset earlier, one might question the value of a Snapdragon 888 phone priced over three thousand dollars. However, at around fifteen hundred dollars, the Honor X40GT Speed Edition offers exceptional value with Snapdragon 888. Coupled with LPDDR5 and UFS3.1, this phone forms a powerful trio ensuring smooth operation of major mobile games. Regarding cooling, the Honor X40GT Speed Edition boasts a 13-layer 3D cooling system with a total heat dissipation area of 16300 square millimeters, comparable to cooling systems found in professional gaming smartphones, which is truly impressive.

Esports Phone

Moreover, the Honor X40GT Speed Edition offers a maximum of 7GB virtual memory extension capability, providing up to 19GB of expanded memory. The GPU Turbo X super rendering technology intelligently adapts GPU resources based on workload. The Link Turbo X ensures a stable and speedy network connection for gaming. The 4800mAh large battery supports 66W super-fast charging, allowing you to reach 90% battery level in just 30 minutes, enabling two hours of gameplay after a 15-minute charge.

Esports Phone

Noteworthy is the aesthetic design of the Honor X40GT Speed Edition, featuring a visually appealing carbon fiber texture on the back and the ‘GT’ letters in the middle of the camera module, exuding a strong gaming vibe. While not explicitly marketed as a gaming smartphone, the gaming experience it offers rivals that of professional esports smartphones. Therefore, if you enjoy gaming but have budget constraints, the Honor X40GT Speed Edition is a phone you shouldn’t overlook.

Currently, the Honor X40GT Speed Edition is on sale, with the 12GB+256GB version priced at 1394 yuan, making it a suitable choice if your budget aligns with this price range.

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