Apple Axes Spring Event, New iPad to Drop

[Pacific Tech News] According to the latest report from DigiTimes, Apple seems to have broken tradition this year by not hosting its usual special spring event. In previous years, Apple would typically hold a grand event at the end of March or early April. However, as we are now well into mid-April, no schedule or information related to the event has been announced.

Sources from the retail channels revealed that Apple has opted for a more discreet approach to launching new products by directly showcasing them to the public through press releases. Despite the lack of the fervent atmosphere of live events, this change undoubtedly saves costs for Apple and aligns with the current trend of digitization and online presence.

It is reported that new products expected to be launched in spring 2024 include the iPad Pro with OLED display and M3 chip, along with the all-new Apple Pencil 3. These products are highly anticipated by consumers, especially the new iPad Pro, as its performance and design upgrades are set to enhance user experience.

Previously, renowned Apple analyst Guo Guerman revealed that Apple would unveil new iPad Pro and Air tablets in the second week of May. However, according to DigiTimes’ speculation, with Apple’s WWDC conference scheduled for June 11th to 15th, the new iPad products are more likely to be launched during the conference and are planned for an official release in late June.

Industry experts generally believe that while the cancellation of the spring launch event may disappoint some fans, Apple’s strategy adjustment aims to promote new products more efficiently. Through the WWDC conference, a technological feast, Apple intends to have global developers and consumers witness the birth of these new products together.

Apple’s business performance has been lackluster since last year, and its products have been criticized for lacking innovation. Many users have bluntly asked, “What’s the difference compared to the previous generation?” By deviating from the norm and canceling the special spring event, could Apple be preparing a surprise for the world? Let’s wait and see.

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