Apple Rolls Out visionOS 1.1.2 with Bug Fixes

Apple Releases visionOS 1.1.2 with Bug Fixes

Apple Rolls Out visionOS 1.1.2 with Bug Fixes

Today, Apple announced the release of visionOS 1.1.2, a minor update to the visionOS operating system, which was initially launched alongside Vision Pro back in February.

The visionOS update can be accessed by navigating to the Settings app on Vision Pro, selecting “General,” and then choosing “Software Update” to install it. Users need to set down their Vision Pro to install the new software, and a progress bar will appear on the front vision display.

According to Apple’s release notes, this update brings unspecified bug fixes and is recommended for all users.

Additionally, Apple has also rolled out a revised version of visionOS 1.2 for testing purposes, available to developers. The version number for this new release is 21O5555f, which is higher than the previous version, 21O5555e. (Source: 威锋网)

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