Drops to $278, 512GB & 2K, HarmonyOS

Wow, I never imagined there would be so many fans interested in Huawei’s second-hand phones. After sharing a classic Huawei second-hand phone last time, many fans have been asking for more updates. They want me to write more, even if they’re not planning to buy, just for the fun of reading and to get an idea of the current second-hand market. For users accustomed to Huawei phones, these classic flagship models still offer a smooth experience at an affordable price. After all, Huawei even sold its own second-hand phones for a while.

At that time, Huawei was restricted from selling new phones, so they put up a batch of second-hand phones hoping to retain users and prevent them from switching to other brands. But that’s not all Huawei did. Adapting older models to HarmonyOS was another strategy. This made many old Huawei models feel like new and kept a lot of loyal users. However, many people still found the previously recommended classic Huawei second-hand phones a bit pricey. So, this time let’s take a look at the Huawei Mate20 RS Porsche Design.

There are still users using the Huawei Mate20 series flagships, which are classic flagships under Huawei’s lineup. The success of Huawei’s high-end phones is closely related to the Mate20 series. The Mate20 RS Porsche Design is the top luxury flagship among them, as reflected in its price. Initially, the 512GB version of this phone was priced at a whopping 12,999 yuan. Moreover, despite its high price, getting this luxury flagship even required an additional 5,000 yuan.

The high premium also means its second-hand price isn’t cheap. Initially, its second-hand price even maintained the original price level of 12,999 yuan. But fortunately, that’s in the past now. Its price has dropped significantly, now even below 2,000 yuan. In this situation, it still holds some allure. After all, holding such a Huawei luxury flagship is even more prestigious than holding an iPhone. As for its hardware configuration, it’s not outdated, but rather stronger than some new Huawei phones in this price range.

It’s equipped with the Kirin 980 processor, coupled with GPU Turbo technology, making it slightly stronger than some mid-range processors today. Additionally, it features a high-end 2K curved screen, 40W charging power, supports wireless charging, and has a 40MP Leica triple camera setup. In terms of appearance, it combines luxurious leather with high-gloss glass, continuing the Porsche Design style, giving it a truly high-end look. And importantly, it can be directly upgraded to HarmonyOS.

Upgrading to HarmonyOS can rejuvenate this phone, ensuring it remains smooth for several more years. Now available in certified and warrantied second-hand shops, this Huawei luxury flagship is priced around 1,786 yuan, making it more affordable. With HarmonyOS ensuring its smooth performance and its luxurious design, not only fans with a limited budget can consider it, but ordinary consumers can also use it as a spare phone, adding a touch of prestige to their possession.

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