FY-3F Satellite Ready for Operation

China Meteorological Administration: FY-3F Satellite Ready for Operation

On April 8th, the China Meteorological Administration (CMA) announced via its WeChat public account that the summary review meeting for the on-orbit test (Phase I) of Fengyun-3F satellite (hereinafter referred to as “FY-3F”) was held. The expert panel unanimously agreed that the satellite has met the conditions for on-orbit delivery and operational trial.

FY-3F Satellite

The first global image captured by the high-resolution spectral imager on Fengyun-3F satellite. Image courtesy of National Satellite Meteorological Center.

The review opinions indicate that the performance of the satellite platform, including orbit, attitude, telemetry, tracking, and command (TT&C), and on-board recording, storage, and playback, is stable and reliable. Ten remote sensing instruments such as the UV hyperspectral ozone detector – nadir and UV hyperspectral ozone detector – limb are operating steadily on orbit. The quantitative level of satellite remote sensing data has significantly improved, meeting the requirements for both functional indicators of the two test items mentioned above.

FY-3F Satellite

Atmospheric composition detection by UV hyperspectral imager on Fengyun-3F satellite. Image courtesy of National Satellite Meteorological Center.

The meeting emphasized the need to continue advancing Phase II on-orbit testing of FY-3F to lay a solid foundation for accelerating its operational deployment. It also stressed the importance of maximizing the comprehensive application benefits of FY-3F, actively utilizing its data to enhance its quality and efficiency in meteorological core business and various fields. Furthermore, it highlighted the importance of continuously promoting the development and application of Fengyun meteorological satellites throughout the entire chain, constructing mechanisms for both positive and negative feedback, and focusing on building cooperation bridges between ground system development units and user units to continuously optimize and improve the evaluation and feedback mechanisms of Fengyun meteorological satellites.

FY-3F was successfully launched on August 3, 2023. During the on-orbit test period, it has provided a series of services, including offering 100-meter super-resolution image products before and after the earthquake in Jishishan, Gansu Province, and microwave snow depth super-resolution image products for remote sensing monitoring of the 14th National Winter Games.

Editor: Liu Mengjie

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