FY-3F Satellite to Begin Trial Operations

On April 8th, the China Meteorological Administration convened a review meeting in Beijing to summarize the in-orbit testing of the Fengyun-3F (FY-3F) satellite system’s first phase. The expert panel unanimously agreed that the satellite has met the conditions for in-orbit delivery and trial operations.

Fengyun-3F Satellite

The review findings indicate that the satellite platform’s orbit, attitude, telemetry and telecommand channels, onboard recording and playback, and other performance aspects are stable and reliable. Ten remote sensing instruments, including the Ultraviolet High-spectral-resolution Ozone Monitor (UHOM) and the Ultraviolet High-spectral-resolution Ozone Monitor (UHOM-Limb), operate reliably in orbit. There has been a significant improvement in the quantitative level of satellite remote sensing data, and all functional indicators of the satellite platform and the tested remote sensing instruments meet the usage requirements.

Source: China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation

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