Huawei event: no P70, but Yu spoke.

Excitement Builds Around Huawei’s Upcoming P70 Release

Huawei never ceases to amaze… Today’s Huawei event, although featuring Yu Chengdong, did not unveil the P70!!!

However, Brother Zhan revealed that the actual device materials have already been exposed. This means the release is not far off; it will definitely come this month. The standard version boasts an AG silver-white glass body, a flat screen, and a triangular camera setup… Rest assured, the aesthetics are on point. When I saw this news, I couldn’t help but feel a rush of excitement. Huawei, you better unveil the P70 soon.

Apart from the high anticipation for the Huawei P70, the mid-range smartphone market is currently in chaos. The Snapdragon 7+ Gen3 and 8s Gen3 new devices are being released successively, each one more competitive in pricing than the last! The Realme GT Neo6 SE is priced at just 1699 yuan, whereas the earliest released OnePlus Ace3V starts at 1999 yuan, and I think it’s also worth considering. It features a glass back cover offering a better feel, a flat screen, and a good 5500mAh battery for excellent battery life. Who would you choose?

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