Huawei-Xiaomi Team Up: CEO Hopes for S7 Success Amid Market Competition

Huawei to Unveil Smart Car “Zhijie S7” at Tomorrow’s Event, Receives Early Congratulations from Xiaomi CEO

On April 10th, Huawei is set to host a new product launch event where they will unveil the Zhijie S7 smart car, with early congratulations already pouring in from Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun.

Huawei’s official terminal Weibo account posted a teaser on the afternoon of April 9th, promoting the upcoming Huawei HarmonyOS Spring Communication Conference and the Zhijie S7 smart car.

Shortly after, Xiaomi Group Chairman Lei Jun shared Huawei’s Weibo post and extended his congratulations, saying, “The next decade is the decade of intelligence, and China’s new energy vehicle industry is advancing. Congratulations in advance on the success of the Zhijie S7!” This interaction sparked discussion among netizens.

The official Weibo account of Hongmeng Intelligent Driving also reposted Lei Jun’s congratulations and replied, “Congratulations to Chairman Lei and the Xiaomi car team on the successful launch of the SU7, a promising start! Let’s work together on the journey ahead!”

Huawei Xiaomi Collaboration

This interaction has stirred discussion among netizens, drawing attention to the dreamlike collaboration between Huawei and Xiaomi.

Experts point out that it’s better to have many flowers blooming than a single one. The competition in China’s new energy vehicle industry is fierce, with intense internal competition as well. If all car companies can adopt an open mindset and collectively face external competition, they may achieve better results.

“An open mindset can broaden horizons, and the dreamlike collaboration between Huawei and Xiaomi is an example that all domestic car companies should learn from. Companies with foresight will continue to innovate, eventually taking the lead in the industry and entering the top five global car manufacturers,” said an industry insider.

Huawei Xiaomi Team Up

Source: Kuai Technology

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