iPhone 16 Shakes Up Industry: 3 Key Upgrades Revealed

It must be said, the current mobile phone industry is becoming increasingly dull and less attention-grabbing. Previously, domestic smartphone manufacturers collectively focused on improving mobile imaging to add selling points. However, now that a one-inch oversized sensor has become standard on flagship phones, the mobile imaging sector has also reached a bottleneck. The newly released flagship phones from various manufacturers are uninspiring, leading to a decreasing desire among consumers to upgrade and longer replacement cycles.

iPhone 16 shakes up industry: 3 key upgrades revealed

However, the good news is that the upcoming iPhone 16 Pro series, set to be released this autumn, brings many exciting features. The screen, imaging, and performance all have highlights, and there is one feature that is poised to once again revolutionize the smartphone industry!

Larger Screen, Slimmer Bezels for a More Immersive Visual Experience

iPhone 16 shakes up industry: 3 key upgrades revealed

According to reports from foreign media, the iPhone 16 series will adopt BRS borderless display technology, further reducing the bezels of the iPhone 16 series. The ultra-narrow bezels allow the iPhone 16 Pro series to increase the screen size while keeping the dimensions of the phone unchanged. It is reported that the Pro model will have a 6.3-inch display, while the Pro Max will reach an astonishing 6.9 inches, providing a more immersive visual experience! However, the challenge of applying screen protectors has increased significantly with the ultra-narrow bezels, but the overall benefits outweigh the drawbacks.

New Physical Shutter Button Added

iPhone 16 shakes up industry: 3 key upgrades revealed

The leaked models from foreign media have confirmed the renderings. According to the iPhone 16 Pro series prototype, Apple has added a physical shutter button below the power button. This button can be used for quick photo and video capture, and it even supports zoom functionality. Why has this shutter button, which has been absent from smartphones for a decade, suddenly appeared on the iPhone 16 Pro?

In my opinion, this button is designed to be used with Apple’s VR headset for capturing spatial videos. The reorientation of the lens modules in both the standard and Plus versions of the iPhone 16 to a vertical position is also to simulate the human eye’s perspective for capturing spatial videos. Clearly, the design of the iPhone now prioritizes functionality over aesthetics.

New Processor + Quadruple Prism Reflectors

iPhone 16 shakes up industry: 3 key upgrades revealed

As expected, the iPhone 16 series will be equipped with the A18 series processor. The standard version will feature the A18, while the Pro version will have the A18 Pro, maintaining a clear distinction between the two. Additionally, both models of the iPhone 16 Pro series will feature quadruple prism reflectors, enabling 5x optical zoom. The quadruple prism reflector technology extends the optical path and minimizes the thickness of the lens module as much as possible while achieving 5x optical zoom, which is a key reason why the camera bump on iPhone flagship models is smaller than that of Android flagship models.


iPhone 16 shakes up industry: 3 key upgrades revealed

From the upgrades in the iPhone 16 series, it’s evident that Apple is determined to continue its focus on the VR field. The vertical lens placement on the iPhone 16 standard version and the physical shutter button on the iPhone 16 Pro are designed to cater to VR applications. Compared to regular videos, spatial videos will provide an unparalleled immersive experience, reminiscent of traveling back in time. This is undoubtedly a major innovative feature that will revolutionize the smartphone industry! What are your thoughts on this?

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