Qualcomm’s New Low-Power Wi-Fi & RB3 Gen 2 Robot Platform

Qualcomm Unveils New Low-Power Wi-Fi Chip and RB3 Gen 2 Robot Platform

Recently, Qualcomm, a globally renowned semiconductor company, announced the launch of two new products: the QCC730 low-power Wi-Fi chip and the RB3 Gen 2 robot platform. The introduction of these two products signifies another significant step for Qualcomm in the fields of wireless communication and robotics technology.

According to Qualcomm, the QCC730 Wi-Fi chip is designed specifically for IoT devices, featuring dual-band low-power capabilities. While enhancing coverage range and data transmission speed, the chip achieves significant energy efficiency improvements. Qualcomm claims that compared to the previous generation, the new Wi-Fi chip reduces power consumption during data transmission by up to 88%. This improvement undoubtedly enhances the battery life and operational efficiency of IoT devices.

Qualcomm's new low-power Wi-Fi and RB3 Gen 2 robot platform

Another highlight of the QCC730 chip is its support for direct cloud connectivity and Matter integration. Through direct cloud connectivity, devices can interact with the cloud more conveniently, enabling data processing without intermediaries, thereby improving operational efficiency. Additionally, Matter integration enables the chip to be compatible with various smart home ecosystem products, facilitating interoperability of smart home devices. Furthermore, Qualcomm provides developers with open-source SDKs and IDEs to facilitate software development and integration.

In the field of robotics technology, Qualcomm’s RB3 Gen 2 robot platform demonstrates its latest achievements in artificial intelligence. The platform is equipped with Qualcomm’s QCS6490 CPU and Adreno 643 GPU, as well as an integrated Wi-Fi 6E chip, supporting Bluetooth 5.2 and LE audio. These powerful hardware configurations enable the RB3 Gen 2 platform to support multiple camera sensors and possess robust computer vision capabilities.

Qualcomm's new low-power Wi-Fi and RB3 Gen 2 robot platform

Qualcomm states that the RB3 Gen 2 platform is suitable for a wide range of industrial applications, including drones, cameras, and other industrial equipment. To facilitate rapid prototyping and testing for developers, Qualcomm also provides a complete development kit, including power supplies, speakers, USB cables, and development boards. Additionally, the provided Vision Kits further enrich the platform’s application scenarios.

It is reported that these two new products are expected to be launched in June of this year. Their release will further drive the development of IoT and robotics technology, bringing new innovations and opportunities to related industries.

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