Realme GT Neo6 SE to Launch on April 11

Realme GT Neo6 SE Unveiling Cutting-Edge Features

The Realme GT Neo6 SE will come equipped with the latest Snapdragon 7+ Gen3 processor and feature a screen with a resolution of 2780×1264. This screen boasts a peak brightness of up to 6000 nits, supports seamless adaptive refresh rates from 0.5 to 120Hz, and integrates a range of features including Pro-XDR high-definition display and AI eye protection.


In terms of design, the rear camera matrix of the Realme GT Neo6 SE only slightly protrudes with the lens module itself. To enhance the overall aesthetic appeal, the phone adopts a mirror glass design for the rear camera module, visually distinguishing the back cover from the lens module and elevating the device’s overall quality.

The Realme GT Neo6 SE introduces a brand-new flagship dual-screen setup for the first time. According to Xu Qi, this is the best phone screen under 4000 yuan. This screen, co-customized by Realme and BOE, features a 1.5K resolution, a peak brightness of up to 6000 nits in certain areas, making it the brightest among current mass-produced models.

Moreover, the screen incorporates 8T LTPO technology, supporting an adaptive refresh rate ranging from 0.5 to 120Hz. In theory, LTPO technology helps reduce screen power consumption, thereby enhancing the phone’s battery performance.

In addition to its powerful hardware configuration, the Realme GT Neo6 SE is equipped with a large 5500mAh battery. Xu Qi emphasizes that in China’s fiercely competitive smartphone market, Realme has always been committed to breaking the old patterns, driving healthy competition, and providing users with more quality choices as the “gatekeeper.”


As the new flagship “gatekeeper”, the Realme GT Neo6 SE not only introduces the innovative 6000-nit dual-screen, challenging the brightness limits of global smartphone screens but also features the leading-edge new generation 8T LTPO technology. Alongside the screen upgrades, it offers exceptional performance, long-lasting battery life, and flagship-level AI experiences, surpassing similar products in its class.

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