Solid-state Battery Breakthrough!

On April 11th, according to an official announcement from the Qingdao Institute of Bioenergy and Process in the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the institute has successfully overcome the final challenge in the production process of sulfide all-solid-state batteries for large-scale vehicle batteries. Additionally, a key breakthrough has been achieved in the technology of stacking sulfide soft pack batteries.

Solid-state batteries have always been a core technology for the next generation of power batteries, attracting significant attention.

All-solid-state batteries offer advantages such as high safety, good stability, and high energy density, addressing issues like short lifespan, flammability, and susceptibility to explosions in traditional organic electrolyte batteries.

Among them, sulfide all-solid-state lithium batteries possess high energy density and high rate performance, making them the optimal choice for electric vehicle power sources. This has led to attention and investment from major automotive companies worldwide, along with the release of related mass production plans.

The institute’s Advanced Energy Storage Materials and Technology Research Group has successfully developed multi-layer stacked soft pack batteries. After undergoing 300 cycles of testing, the battery’s capacity barely showed any decay.

Furthermore, the institute is accelerating the research and validation process of the technology, aiming to achieve mass production of sulfide all-solid-state batteries by 2026.

Presently, the Qingdao Energy Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences has established a small pilot production line for all-solid-state batteries, successfully developing high-voltage, long-life soft pack all-solid-state lithium-ion batteries.

Even after 1000 cycles of testing, the capacity of the battery remains at 92%. The batteries are currently undergoing further testing to meet the discharge capacity requirements at a 4C rate (as per Toyota’s standards, they need to undergo 1500 cycles while maintaining 80% of the capacity).

solid-state battery breakthrough

solid-state battery breakthrough

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