From ¥11,999! Huawei’s 75″ Smart Screen V5: “Giant Screen Phone” Hits the Market

Huawei Smart Screen V5 Series: Unveiling the 75-Inch Edition!

Fast Technology reported on April 11th that the new Huawei Smart Screen V5 Series 75-inch model has hit the market, starting at a price of ¥11,999.

Following the footsteps of the 98-inch and 85-inch versions of the Huawei Smart Screen V5 Series, this latest addition not only enriches the range of sizes but also continues the tradition of high-end design established by the V5 Series.

Huawei Smart Screen V5

With a screen-to-body ratio of 99% and a mere 0.6mm frame, the new model employs anodized metal wire drawing craftsmanship, presenting a premium quality device that seamlessly blends modern home aesthetics with technological innovation.

As a newcomer to the “giant screen phone” category, the Huawei Smart Screen V5 Series continues the flagship series’ tradition of top-notch performance, innovative interaction, and exceptional display quality.

Huawei Smart Screen V5

Powered by the flagship Honghu 900 chipset, the TV boasts 8 large core CPUs, with a 6-core GPU for rapid rendering, supporting robust decoding at 8K/120fps and harnessing 4T super computing power to integrate with the Honghu large model, elevating the visual experience to new heights.

Beyond hardware specifications, the Huawei Smart Screen V5 Series undergoes significant optimization in its system. Wake-up speed, local playback initiation, and screen casting discovery have all seen substantial improvements.

Moreover, it supports various multi-threaded task processing, enabling features like split-screen casting, seamless small window connections, and effortless switching for professional video conferencing, enriching the smart experience.

Huawei Smart Screen V5

The new model introduces the innovative Lingxi Remote Control, where the traditional remote control button area is designed as a touchpad, offering an interactive experience akin to using a smartphone.

Users can simply point and slide their fingers up, down, left, or right on the touchpad to perform actions like scrolling, tapping, dragging, selecting, and skipping.

Compared to its predecessor, the Huawei Lingxi Remote Control sees a significant upgrade, with a 44% increase in accuracy, a response delay of just 30ms, a cursor refresh rate of up to 120Hz, an expanded control angle of 130 degrees, ensuring precise, responsive, and seamless control from any angle.

Huawei Smart Screen V5

Leveraging the HarmonyOS ecosystem, the Huawei Smart Screen V5 Series introduces exciting new living room experiences, bringing smartphone apps to the big screen.

With the “Super Desktop” feature, once connected to the smart screen, the smartphone acts as a super host for the screen, while the smart screen serves as a super desktop for the phone, enabling instant use of smartphone apps without downloading them to the big screen.

Over 3 million smartphone and tablet apps are available for use on the smart screen, allowing users to browse short videos, read news, play various games, and enjoy a plethora of apps seamlessly on the big screen.

Huawei’s Honghu Picture Quality 3.0, integrating traditional neural network access to the Honghu large model, introduces new specialized databases for fine hair details, facial enhancement, facial recognition, and more, resulting in clearer and more lifelike portraits and an enhanced visual experience.

Huawei Smart Screen V5

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