Honor addresses Xiaomi’s apology!

Boomerang? Redmi Press Conference Also Incorrectly Marks Competitors’ Specifications.

On the morning of April 11th, the topic “Honor Responds to Xiaomi’s Apology” surged to the top of Weibo’s hot search.

The incident originated from the Redmi Turbo 3 launch event on April 10th. During this event, Xiaomi erroneously labeled the specifications of the Honor 100 Pro. Subsequently, Wang Teng, General Manager and spokesperson of Redmi, made an on-site correction and apologized, stating, “The competitor’s model, the outline was drawn incorrectly, referring to the standard version of that series. The outline shown in the drawing is of the Rro model. The Pro version is equipped with Snapdragon 8Gen2, similar to our K70 standard version, both are excellent machines, we apologize for the error.”

In response, the product manager of the Honor GT series, @骁龙_XL, stated in a post: “Apologizing three times is unnecessary.”

Honor’s CMO for China, @姜海荣-Harrison, also retweeted and expressed that the announcements urging competitors to apologize, circulating online, were fabricated. He mentioned, “This trivial matter doesn’t require a sincere apology.”

Previously, there was a three-time warning from Xiaomi Automobiles and an incident where Zhi Ji Automobiles apologized multiple times.

On April 8th, during the launch event of Zhi Ji L6, Zhi Ji erroneously marked some data related to Xiaomi Automobiles. Consequently, Xiaomi Automobiles issued three Weibo posts late that night demanding an apology from Zhi Ji Automobiles.

Later that evening, Zhi Ji Automobiles’ Co-CEO Liu Tao issued an apology to Xiaomi Automobiles on Weibo, stating, “Due to inaccurate research results on product information, there was a mistake in the information presented during the launch event. The Xiaomi SU7 is similar to the Zhi Ji L6, both using SIC silicon carbide modules for the front and rear motors.” Liu Tao also expressed that Xiaomi SU7 is a competitor they deeply respect.

In the early hours of April 9th, Zhi Ji’s official Weibo publicly apologized, citing a team oversight in content review leading to a critical parameter being incorrectly marked. For more details, see: Xiaomi is Furious! Three Angry Posts in a Row! Well-known Car Company Urgently Apologizes.

Later that afternoon, Zhi Ji’s official Weibo once again apologized to Xiaomi, stating that there was no deliberate intention to defame Xiaomi from their side. “We want to emphasize again, we really did not have any intention to deliberately defame, nor do we have the capability to challenge the overwhelming influence of Xiaomi Automobiles.” Additionally, Zhi Ji Automobiles requested that the “Xiaomi company spokesperson” could show mercy, as Mr. Lei Jun said, “Be lenient in speech.”

After three apologies, there were new developments in this incident.

On April 10th, Zhi Ji Automobiles posted on its official Weibo account that after three formal apologies, there was a concentrated appearance of various harassment behaviors in Xiaomi Automobiles’ official live broadcast room, official account comment section, and dealership live broadcast rooms, including insults, defamation, and personal attacks.

It’s worth noting that before the Redmi Turbo 3 launch event’s pre-heating phase, Lei Jun had retweeted Wang Teng’s Weibo, stating that if the Turbo 3’s first sale target was achieved, the team would be rewarded with an SU7.

Early today, Wang Teng posted on Weibo, saying, “Finally, I can go pick up my Xiaomi SU7! It’s been at the store for several days, but I haven’t had time to go. Thanks to the support of Turbo3’s first sale users, the one shared with everyone should be ready soon.”

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