Honor exec: Redmi’s spec mistake is minor, no apology needed

Source: IT Home

During last night’s Redmi Turbo 3 new product launch event, Redmi mistakenly labeled the Snapdragon 8 Gen2 processor carried by the Honor 100 Pro as the third generation Snapdragon 7. This error brought back memories of a similar incident at the Smart Self L6 launch event where Xiaomi’s SU7 parameters were incorrectly labeled, leading Smart Self to apologize to Xiaomi three times in a row.

However, Redmi promptly discovered this mistake on their own, and the brand’s general manager, Wang Teng, directly apologized at the event.

Apology Scene

Honor product manager Wei Xiaolong later posted on Weibo saying that there was no need for three apologies. He further clarified that the Honor 100 Pro actually uses the second-generation Snapdragon 8 flagship chip. The fifth model is the Honor X50 GT, which utilizes Snapdragon 8 + chip performance turbo, ten-sided anti-drop quality turbo, and a huge 5800mAh battery life turbo, making it the flagship model targeted at rival companies.


IT Home noticed that Honor CMO Jiang Hairong also expressed his opinion on this matter. He retweeted related Weibo posts and pointed out that many announcements circulating online claiming that Honor demanded apologies from rival companies have been photoshopped. For such a minor issue, there is no need to insist on a sincere apology. Jiang Hairong also emphasized that this incident should serve as a reminder for Honor to continue doing well, promote the common progress and healthy development of the Chinese mobile phone industry through positive market competition.

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