Huawei Hosts HarmonyOS Event; PC Upgrade

On April 11th, Huawei hosted its HarmonyOS Spring Communication Meeting where the innovative S7 and Huawei PCs were unveiled, highlighting the significant role of PCs within Huawei’s overall strategic vision.

Huawei hosts HarmonyOS event highlighting PC upgrades

Recent data from market research firm Canalys showed that in the 2023 Chinese market for PCs and tablets, Huawei was the only manufacturer to have achieved growth against the trend, boasting an 11% annual increase, while other manufacturers experienced a decline to varying degrees. Huawei’s outstanding performance in the PC sector underscores its central role in intelligent office work, playing a crucial part in Huawei’s broader smart all-scenario strategy.

HarmonyOS and Huawei PC data chart

The new Huawei MateBook X Pro, with its aesthetic design, cutting-edge technology, and intelligent experience, aims to redefine the concept of a ‘Pro’ device and set a new standard for flagship ultrabooks.

Stunning Aesthetics and Innovation: Weighing 980g and just 13.5mm thin with pioneering wing design

Compared to other 14-inch integrated GPU ultrabooks on the market averaging around 1.4kg, the new 980g Huawei MateBook X Pro shines this season, ushering in a “new era of grammage” for high-performance laptops. Moreover, Huawei’s innovative wing design gives the device a visually slimmer profile.

Huawei MateBook X Pro thin and light design

Behind its sleek look lies the power of Huawei’s proprietary technology. The MateBook X Pro leverages Huawei’s self-developed “Yunjun” architecture, utilizing multidimensional innovations in materials and structure to solve the issue of lightweight design. It features the industry’s most compact three-stage motherboard, which maximizes the internal space utilization, accommodating larger fans, batteries, and speakers.

Design-wise, the unique velvety-metal body of the MateBook X Pro presents a matte finish, providing a soft and fashionable tactile sensation.

Huawei MateBook X Pro velvety-metal body design

Performance Innovation: 40W high-performance output, new Super Turbo intelligent scheduling

Despite its slim profile, the MateBook X Pro is a powerhouse. It boasts a new generation Intel® Core™ Ultra 9 high-performance processor, capable of achieving a TDP of 40W, which significantly surpasses the industry norm of 15W~28W for mainstream ultrabooks.

Huawei MateBook X Pro performance capabilities

Furthermore, Huawei’s proprietary Super Turbo technology ensures lower power consumption, higher efficiency, and a smoother user experience whether it’s for booting up the system, launching software, or running applications.

Super Turbo technology in MateBook X Pro

Also equipped with the latest Huawei Shark Fin cooling system, the design allows for efficient heat dispersion within a compact space. Thanks to the “Yunjun” architecture, the MateBook X Pro houses two Shark Fin fans to ensure that higher performance can be achieved even with its slim design.

Connectivity Innovation: 3D super dielectric antenna for long-distance networking

As a leading player in the communications industry, Huawei strives to integrate the robust connectivity of base stations into their PC products. The new MateBook X Pro features 3D super dielectric antenna technology, elevating traditional 2D planar super dielectric materials to a powerful 3D dielectric cavity antenna, effortlessly enabling networking at distances of up to 420 meters.

Additionally, enhanced whole-device interference resistance ensures faster and more stable network performance across 360 degrees horizontally, crucial for stable connectivity in outdoor settings or areas with multiple devices connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

3D super dielectric antenna in MateBook X Pro

AI Innovation: Boosted by Huawei’s PanGu large model

Recently, Huawei has embraced a comprehensive intelligence strategy, aiming to build a strong computing foundation in China, where PCs play an indispensable role in endpoint computing power. As key components of intelligent office work, PCs are essential to Huawei’s smart all-scenario strategy. Hence, the AI capabilities of the new MateBook X Pro are notably enhanced.

AI Enhancement in MateBook X Pro

Beyond functions like AI Vision, AI Sound, AI Meeting Minutes, and AI Subtitles, the MateBook X Pro adds an AI Summary feature powered by Huawei’s PanGu large model, elevating the efficiency of office work. Users can experience immersive smart meeting capabilities, swiftly locate documents with AI Smart Search, and enjoy AI video creation with effects and AI cutouts through a partnership with Wondershare Filmora.

Integrating multiple innovations, the new model challenges the conventional view of ultrabooks as stylish yet impractical, delivering flagship-level performance for a novel mobile office experience.

Huawei MateBook X Pro showcasing AI tech

Alongside the new MateBook X Pro, Huawei has also launched the Starlight version of their wireless mouse. Equipped with SuperConnect wireless technology and an adaptive frequency-hopping algorithm, it offers four times the anti-interference capability compared to its predecessor, ensuring stable performance even in complex environments. With its velvet material and skin-friendly warmth, available in Ink Black and Clear Blue, it perfectly complements the new MateBook X Pro’s color palette.

Huawei Wireless Mouse Starlight Edition

Furthermore, third-party data indicates that in Q3 of 2023, Huawei’s smart PCs achieved a 24.3% market share in the ultrabook segment and an even more impressive 37.8% share in retail channels. Considering Huawei’s consistently strong market performance, the new MateBook X Pro is expected to make a splash. Those interested in this pioneering blend of style and substance should certainly not miss out.

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