Redmi Event Mishaps Honor 100 Pro Specs, Honor Replies: No Need for Triple Apology

Competition is fierce, but when facing peers and public opinion, it’s important to show restraint.

On April 10th, at the launch event of Redmi’s new product Turbo 3, Xiaomi mistakenly labeled the specifications of the Honor 100 Pro. Subsequently, Wang Teng, the general manager and spokesperson of the Redmi brand, corrected the error on-site and apologized, “The sketches of the competitor’s model were incorrect, referring to the standard version of that series. The sketches displayed were of the Rro model, while the Pro model is equipped with Snapdragon 8Gen2, similar to our K70 standard version. Both are excellent machines. We apologize for the mistake.”

Following the recent criticism faced by SmartCar’s event, some netizens suggested that Xiaomi should apologize three times.

On the evening of April 8th, during the launch event of the L6 model by SmartCar, several “face-to-face” comparisons were made with Xiaomi’s SU7. One of the parameter comparison charts showed that the Xiaomi SU7 Max had a “front IGBT + rear SiC” motor, which caused severe dissatisfaction from Xiaomi’s automotive division.

After the event, SmartCar’s co-CEO Liu Tao apologized to Xiaomi’s automotive division, stating that there was an error in one piece of information due to inaccurate product research results.

However, Xiaomi demanded three apologies from SmartCar. In the early hours of April 9th, SmartCar issued an apology letter stating that during the presentation of the product capabilities of Xiaomi SU7 at the just-concluded SmartCar L6 super-intelligent sedan launch event, a key parameter was incorrectly labeled due to a team content review oversight. SmartCar clarified: both the front and rear motors of the Xiaomi SU7 Max model use SiC silicon carbide modules, consistent with the technology adopted by SmartCar L6, both being industry-leading technological standards.

In response, the product manager of Honor, @骁龙_XL, responded on Weibo, saying that friends had informed him that Xiaomi could be asked to apologize three times. He stated that three apologies were unnecessary.

Honor’s CMO for China, @姜海荣-Harrison, also reposted and commented that the alleged announcements demanding an apology from competitors circulated online were fabricated. He emphasized that this minor issue did not necessitate a sincere apology.

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