Redmi’s New Slim Release: Ultra-thin 7.8mm Body, 1.75M+ AnTuTu Score, 1.5K Display from Just ¥1999

Redmi Turbo 3: A New Budget-Friendly Smartphone Worth Considering

Redmi smartphones are often highly anticipated for their impressive configurations, offering top-notch performance in their price range. Recently, the mid-range smartphone market has been buzzing with excitement, especially with the launch of Redmi’s long-awaited new model, the Redmi Note 13 Turbo. However, this time around, the smartphone has undergone a name change and is now known as the Redmi Turbo 3. By establishing the Turbo series as a standalone lineup, the cost-effectiveness of these devices becomes even more evident.

What about the specifications of the Redmi Turbo 3? Many of you must be curious. Let me introduce this phone to you. So, whether you are interested in this device or are considering an upgrade, let’s delve into the details.

Price Ranges

  • 1999 Yuan for 12GB + 256GB.
  • 2299 Yuan for 12GB + 512GB.
  • 2499 Yuan for 16GB + 512GB.
  • 2799 Yuan for 16GB + 1TB.

The Redmi Turbo 3 is available in four memory versions, starting from only 1999 Yuan. Continuing the legacy of its predecessor, this model also offers a spacious 16GB + 1TB memory variant at an affordable price of 2799 Yuan. Considering the rising cost of storage, it’s worth noting that none of its competitors in the same segment have released a 16GB + 1TB version. This truly showcases Redmi’s commitment to providing excellent value for money.

The craftsmanship of this device is exquisite, with the camera module featuring a turbo whirlwind design that is similar to the previous model but with enhanced details. The device maintains its exceptional slimness, weighing only 179g and measuring 7.8mm in thickness. The rounded edges provide a comfortable grip, and it comes in four color options: Graphite, Blueblade, Ice Titanium, and Harry Potter Edition. If you are intrigued, you can check them out on the official website.

Specifications Details

  • Processor: Equipped with the Snapdragon 8s Gen 3 processor.
  • Display: Featuring a 6.67-inch flat screen supporting a 1.5k resolution, 120Hz refresh rate, 480Hz touch sampling rate, 2160Hz instantaneous touch sampling rate, 2400 nits peak brightness, p3 color gamut, 1920Hz high-frequency PWM dimming, and Qingshan eye protection scheme. It also supports wet finger touch without a plastic bracket.
  • Battery Life: Built-in 5000mAh large battery supporting up to 90W fast charging.
  • Camera: Front 20-megapixel main camera, rear 50-megapixel Sony LYT600 large sensor OIS optical image stabilization main camera + 8-megapixel ultra-wide-angle lens, supporting Xiaomi’s imaging brain.
  • Other Features: Under-display fingerprint recognition, linear motor along the x-axis, dual speakers, NFC, infrared remote control, graphite, and a 4800mm² circulating cooling pump for heat dissipation.

Configuration Analysis

The standout feature of this smartphone is its high performance, thanks to the 4nm process high-energy core and flagship architecture. It also supports the powerful Turbo 3.0 engine, which enhances performance through AI, achieving an Antutu score of over 1.75 million. Coupled with robust circulating cooling technology, it can run demanding games smoothly without overheating, maintaining high frame rates and low temperatures for a powerful and enduring gaming experience at a relatively low price.

Moreover, the device is incredibly lightweight and slim, outperforming its competitors in the same segment, providing an excellent tactile experience. With a large battery capacity, it ensures extended usage without frequent recharges.

The new iteration boasts significant improvements in the display department, delivering clearer visuals and a smoother user experience. The eye-protection features have been enhanced to reduce eye strain even after prolonged use.

The rear camera setup has been upgraded to a dual-camera system, eliminating a macro lens but enhancing the main camera with a larger sensor for better light intake. Coupled with stabilization and Xiaomi’s imaging brain, the photo quality has been raised, while the device continues to offer a comprehensive range of peripheral features to meet all daily requirements.

In its price range, the Redmi Turbo 3 stands out for its high performance, slim design, and overall advantages.

Buying Recommendation

The Redmi Turbo 3 is a highly cost-effective product. If you are looking for a smooth and reliable mid-range device, this should be at the top of your list. It can easily serve you well for four years without significant issues and provides a stronger configuration compared to its predecessors. With its great feel in hand and impressive features, it’s definitely worth considering as your next smartphone purchase.

What are your thoughts on this smartphone? Feel free to share your opinions below.

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