Yu: Phone holders signal poor GPS! Lei: Just banter about Xiaomi SU7.

TechExpress News – April 12th

At yesterday’s press conference, Yu Chengdong showcased the SmartWorld S7 and pointed out the reason for using a phone holder is the inadequacy of in-car navigation systems.

During the conference, Yu Chengdong joked, “At first, I didn’t understand why some cars still needed phone holders, but later I realized it’s because their in-car navigation functions aren’t powerful enough and they need to rely on mobile navigation.”

The on-site presentation displayed “Strong Heart, No Need for Support”, eliciting applause and cheers from the audience.

Yu Chengdong presenting at the conference

Subsequently, Lei Jun posted on Weibo, stating that Huawei’s CEO jokingly mentioned Xiaomi SU7’s original phone holder design at their conference. He also initiated a poll: “Do you support having original phone holders in cars? Why do you think we should make original phone holders?”

Perhaps out of concern for misunderstandings, Lei Jun responded again later, saying, “It’s okay. Mutual communication among peers helps improve product quality.”

Lei Jun's Weibo post

According to the news from Xiaomi’s car launch conference on March 28th, the Xiaomi SU7 comes fully equipped with 32 storage compartments and comes with a 1/4 thread interface, with an optional 99 yuan car phone holder.

Xiaomi SU7 features

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