Domestic Phone Rankings: Huawei Mate60 Pro Tops, Xiaomi 14 Runner-Up

Domestic Phone Market Competition in China

It’s widely acknowledged that since August last year, there has been intense competition among smartphone giants, following the releases of the Huawei Mate60 series, the iPhone15 series by Apple, and the Xiaomi 14 series.

The Huawei Mate60 series shines in photography, boosted further by its 5G capability and the return of Kirin chipset, maximizing its emotional appeal. Apple’s iPhone15 series focuses on iOS, ecosystem, user experience, and performance. Similarly, Xiaomi competes with its performance and value proposition.

Domestic Phone Rankings

Apart from these three, other players like Honor 90, OPPO, VIVO, and more also launched various smartphones in the latter half of 2023, some targeting the high-end market while others aiming at the mid-range.

Now, the question arises: Besides the iPhone15, which of these domestically produced smartphones released in the second half of last year sold the best? Recent statistics until the end of February 2024 reveal insights into the activation rankings of newly released domestic phones.

Domestic Phone Rankings

As depicted in the chart above, the Huawei Mate60 Pro, released in August, leads by a significant margin with an activation volume of 12.832 million units. Following closely is the Xiaomi 14, which reached an activation volume of 7.98 million units since its release in October.

Following them are Honor 90, Oppo Reno11, Honor X50, VIVO X100, Huawei Mate60, Redmi K60 Supreme Edition, Xiaomi 14 Pro, and Huawei MateX5.

Domestic Phone Rankings

It’s evident that Huawei Mate60 dominates with two models on the list, totaling an activation volume of around 17.2 million units, demonstrating a significant lead.

The Xiaomi 14 series, with two models listed, achieved an activation volume of around 11.24 million units, showcasing impressive sales exceeding the ten million mark, proving Xiaomi’s claim of exceeding ten million units for Xiaomi 14.

Of course, Honor, OPPO, and others also performed well. But when considering pricing, the high-end segment seems to favor Huawei and Xiaomi. What’s your take?

Domestic Phone Rankings

However, to be honest, in terms of activation volume, there’s still a significant gap compared to Apple. After all, Apple exclusively operates in the high-end market, whereas domestically produced high-end phones face stiff competition here.

This explains why Apple is so profitable because only the high-end market truly brings profits, whereas the mid-to-low-end market focuses on sales volume rather than profits. Therefore, domestic brands need to strive harder. Only by competing with Apple in the high-end market can they effectively challenge Apple’s dominance.

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