Honor Imaging Flagship: 16GB, 5000mAh, 3840Hz now at ¥1692

Mobile Photography: Finding the Perfect Balance between Price and Quality

Mobile photography may seem unnecessary at times, but when you actually need it, you wish for a more powerful experience. For high-end market-oriented smartphones, photography experience is a top priority. They excel in every aspect – covering all scenes, focal lengths, and subjects effortlessly. Whether it’s capturing people, landscapes, or objects, they never fail to impress. However, for budget-friendly smartphones, the quality of photography depends on how the manufacturers position their devices.

Honor Imaging Flagship

Budget-friendly smartphones focusing on high cost-effectiveness often prioritize equipping the latest processors rather than upgrading their imaging capabilities. Yet, not every manufacturer follows this pattern. There are quite a few budget smartphones that emphasize photography, although they may not be widely recognized. It’s important to note that while these photography-centric budget phones may not match the performance of counterparts at the same price range, they are not as weak as one might assume. After all, photography experience is also linked to the processor’s performance, as seen in the case of the Honor 90 smartphone.

Honor Imaging Flagship

The Honor 90 smartphone has a sleek and lightweight design, weighing only 183g with a thickness of just 7.8mm, offering a remarkably light and agile feel. In terms of specs, the Honor 90 features a 6.7-inch floating streamlined quad-curved screen with 120Hz high refresh rate, supporting 10 billion colors and a peak brightness of 1600nit. To ensure an outstanding user experience, not only does the screen excel in touch control, color reproduction, and brightness, but it also prioritizes eye protection. For this reason, the Honor 90 has upgraded to 3840Hz high-frequency PWM dimming and a series of eye care technologies.

Honor Imaging Flagship

When it comes to photography, the Honor 90 stands out significantly, matching up to the newly released models this year, making it a leading contender in the sub-thousand-yuan market. Specifically, the Honor 90 boasts a 200 million ultra-clear main camera + 12 million ultra-wide-angle macro lens + 2 million depth-of-field lens combination, along with a 50 million front portrait camera. The powerful camera setup, combined with Honor’s self-developed imaging algorithm, achieves a DSLR-level natural background blurring effect and studio-level three-dimensional makeup feel.

Honor Imaging Flagship

For uninterrupted enjoyment, battery capacity is crucial to prevent sudden power drains during activities like photography, video watching, or gaming. Hence, the Honor 90 is equipped with a 5000mAh high-energy-density battery, ensuring long-lasting usage without rapid depletion. Coupled with 66W super-fast charging, the phone can quickly recharge to keep you going at your best. In terms of performance, the Honor 90 is powered by the first generation Snapdragon 7 enhanced chip, utilizing a cutting-edge 4nm process technology, providing more than enough power for everyday use.

Honor Imaging Flagship

With excellent imaging quality, prolonged battery life, great screen, performance, and ergonomics, the Honor 90 excels in every aspect. Although it is not a new model and has been on the market for a while, the smartphone industry moves rapidly, with newer models replacing older ones swiftly. Consequently, the high-end version of the Honor 90 has now fallen into the budget segment. Considering the current price, the Honor 90 offers great value for money and is definitely worth considering.

The Honor 90 is currently reducing in price, with the 16GB+256GB version available for 1692 yuan. If this fits your budget and you are looking for an exceptional photography experience, the Honor 90 is sure to meet your expectations.

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