120W Fast Charge + 20GB RAM + Eye Care Screen, now only ¥1299!

In modern society, the fast-paced lifestyle often demands our devices to swiftly adapt, especially when it comes to the charging speed of smartphones. For those seeking efficient living with a limited budget yet desiring a rapid charging experience, the iQOO Z7 by vivo is undoubtedly an ideal choice. This smartphone not only features cutting-edge charging technology but also comes at an affordable price, perfectly catering to the demands of fast-paced living.


Super Flash Charge: Power Up for All-day Fun

Equipped with dual-cell 120W Super Flash Charge technology, the iQOO Z7 can charge in just 5 minutes, providing enough power for 5 hours of binge-watching, greatly satisfying the need for rapid charging, earning the title of the “budget king” in fast charging smartphones.

With a massive equivalent 5000mAh battery, users can enjoy uninterrupted fun all day long after a single full charge, eliminating worries about running out of battery. This fast charging technology not only offers convenience but also ensures longer battery lifespan through optimized charging curves. Even after 1460 charge and discharge cycles, the battery capacity can still maintain above 80%, showcasing the durability that sets the iQOO Z7 apart from smartphones in the same price range.

Super Flash Charge

Powerful Performance: Seamless Experience without Compromise

Powered by the high-performance Qualcomm Snapdragon 782G processor clocked at up to 2.7GHz, the iQOO Z7 ensures smooth operation when handling complex tasks or running large applications.

Moreover, this chipset supports Memory Fusion 3.0 technology, combined with 12GB of base RAM and an additional 8GB of virtual RAM, delivering an equivalent experience of 20GB of massive memory. This configuration makes multitasking smoother, whether it’s gaming, video editing, or running multiple applications simultaneously, the iQOO Z7 can handle it effortlessly.

Powerful Performance

Eye Care Screen: Comfortable Visual Experience

The iQOO Z7 features a high-spec custom LCD screen with a 120Hz high refresh rate and global DC dimming, effectively reducing screen flicker and protecting users’ eyesight. Seven-fold eye protection technology further optimizes screen color and brightness, providing a consistently comfortable visual experience regardless of lighting conditions. This screen technology is particularly suitable for users who use their phones for extended periods, especially those who frequently read or watch videos, reducing eye fatigue and enhancing comfort during use.

Moreover, the 120Hz high refresh rate not only makes the screen feel smoother to the touch but also greatly enhances the clarity of scrolling and dynamic images. This high refresh rate screen ensures finer details and zero delay in gaming and video playback, providing users with the ultimate visual enjoyment. The addition of global DC dimming technology further ensures smooth transitions in screen brightness under different lighting conditions, effectively avoiding flickering issues in low-brightness conditions, further protecting users’ eyesight.

Eye Care Screen

Comprehensive Feature Support: Quality Shines in Details

The iQOO Z7 makes no compromises in terms of functionality, supporting full-scenario NFC functionality, which not only enables quick payments but also works in various scenarios such as transportation and access control, greatly facilitating users’ daily lives. Additionally, the infrared remote control function allows users to control various appliances at home, such as TVs and air conditioners, which is very practical for household use.

The enhanced Wi-Fi 6 technology provides faster and more stable network connections, ensuring efficient data transmission and stable online experiences whether at home or in public places. The design of enclosed stereo dual speakers provides stunning stereo sound effects, enriching the multimedia experience whether listening to music, watching movies, or gaming, enhancing the overall audiovisual experience.

Feature Support

Most impressively, despite boasting so many high-end features and outstanding performance, the iQOO Z7 remains very budget-friendly. The price of the 12GB+256GB version is only 1299 yuan, making it highly competitive in the current smartphone market. It not only provides a choice for users with limited budgets without sacrificing performance and functionality but also ensures that a wider range of consumers can enjoy the convenience brought by advanced technology.

In conclusion, the iQOO Z7 is a smartphone that strikes a perfect balance in terms of performance, functionality, and price. It not only meets the demands of efficient living but also wins the favor of a wide range of users with its user-friendly design and excellent cost-effectiveness. Whether you are a tech enthusiast interested in technology or a budget-conscious smartphone user, the iQOO Z7 can provide satisfaction and an excellent experience beyond expectations.

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