iPhone SE4 Specs Revealed – Worth the Wait!

April 12 News: Overseas blogger @negativeonehero shared the complete hardware specifications of the iPhone SE4: for iPhone users who don’t need dual cameras, the iPhone SE4 is a relatively cost-effective model, with some surprising hardware specifications. Here are the detailed contents of this disclosure, let’s take a look together.

iPhone SE4 Specs

The iPhone SE4 is equipped with the Apple A16 Bionic chip, the communication chip has been upgraded to the Snapdragon X70, and it also has a built-in U1 UWB ultra-wideband chip. The memory specification has been upgraded to LPDDR5, offering two storage versions of 6GB+128GB and 6GB+512GB. The above hardware parameters are basically consistent with the iPhone 15 (Plus). If it is priced at around 3300 yuan, it is quite good.

iPhone SE4 Specs

In terms of the screen, it features a 6.1-inch OLED notch screen with a resolution of the traditional 60Hz, supporting Face ID functionality. From the front, the iPhone SE4 looks more like the iPhone 13, while from the back, it resembles the iPhone XR more because it only has a single camera setup. The body is made of 7000 series aluminum alloy, with glass panels on the front and back, but it does not come with the super-ceramic crystal panel that is standard on flagship models, theoretically offering lower protection.

iPhone SE4 Specs

The rear features a 12-megapixel single camera setup, with the Sony IMX503 sensor featuring an F1.8 aperture and a 1/2.55-inch base. In terms of functionality, it’s quite good, supporting 1080P movie mode, Smart HDR, portrait mode, and more, but it doesn’t support night mode. The body houses a 3000mAh (or 3279mAh) battery, theoretically offering better battery life than the iPhone 13, supporting up to 20W wired charging and 12W wireless charging (MagSafe) functionality.

iPhone SE4 Specs

The dimensions of the body are 148.571.27.8 millimeters, the width is 1.8 millimeters longer than the previous three generations of models (146.7 millimeters), the width is 0.3 millimeters narrower, and the thickness is consistent with the iPhone 14 and iPhone 15. It weighs only 166 grams, lighter than the previous three generations of models, and only 4 grams heavier than the iPhone 12. Other aspects are also good: the entire machine supports WiFi 6 and Bluetooth 5.2, and it has been upgraded to a USB-C (2.0) interface, which can be shared with Android phones for charging data cables.

iPhone SE4 Specs

Qiji’s words:

Regarding the iPhone SE4, Qiji’s thoughts are as follows: if you don’t have high demands for imaging, the iPhone SE4 is still small and portable enough, making it a good choice as a daily driver. What’s a bit regrettable is the absence of the 256GB version. In the current situation where the 128GB version is basically not enough, it’s really uncomfortable for Apple to force me to upgrade to the 512GB version.

Qiji's Thoughts

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