realme’s Xu Qi: GT Neo6 SE launch price barely breaks even

On April 11th, realme held a product launch event, officially introducing the new generation mid-range flagship – realme GT Neo6 SE. As the latest masterpiece of the GT series, the realme GT Neo6 SE, starting at ¥1699, brings forth four significant upgrades in screen, performance, battery life, and user experience, making it the king of cost-effectiveness in the mid-range smartphone market. Those interested can click to view detailed reviews.

Realme GT Neo6 SE Launch

Following the event, Xu Qi, Vice President of realme Global and President of realme China, conducted media interviews.

The realme GT Neo6 SE launched this time starts at ¥1699, targeting the mid-range high cost-performance market. Xu Qi stated that for realme, the price range from ¥1500 to ¥3500 is crucial and will be the focus of realme’s future layout. The GT Neo series products are tailored around the needs of young people in this wave.

Xu Qi emphasized that youthfulness has always been the core label of the realme brand, but this does not mean that the brand will be limited to a specific young demographic. He mentioned that although realme’s core user base is mainly young people, with the brand’s development and market changes, this demographic is constantly shifting and rising. For example, in recent years, more and more young people who are new to the workforce have shown strong interest in realme. Therefore, while maintaining the brand’s youthfulness, realme is also continuously expanding its user base to meet the needs of more users.

Recently, there has been much discussion in the industry about the Snapdragon 7+ Gen3 and Snapdragon 8s Gen3. The realme GT Neo6 SE chose the Snapdragon 7+ Gen3 as the main control chip this time. Xu Qi believes that this is actually a product-level trade-off. He stated that both chips have their own characteristics and are excellent. The reason realme chose the Snapdragon 7 series chip this time is because it meets the requirements of “being able to compete” in terms of performance, battery life, and screen quality at the price range around ¥2000.

Despite being both Snapdragon chips, when defining products, realme considers how to equip a good screen on the basis of the chip’s performance, as aspects like display and eye protection are crucial for users. Realme’s product strategy is to seize the voice in the performance race, but not solely rely on a chip and processor; it aims to find the most critical points for users’ pain points and achieve the latest upgrades.

Realme GT Neo6 SE Launch

This time, the price of realme GT Neo6 SE is very competitive, starting at ¥1699. However, this year, some key electronic components have shown a trend of price increases. With rising costs, the selling price decreases, putting significant pressure on manufacturers. Regarding this issue, Xu Qi frankly admitted: it’s difficult for the realme GT Neo6 SE to profit at its launch price, but he believes realme has always been doing valuable yet challenging things.

Xu Qi pointed out that the competition in the Chinese smartphone market is extremely fierce. Especially compared to previous years, now the opening prices of smartphone manufacturers are already very aggressive. However, even in the face of such intense market competition, realme’s focus remains on making excellent products and insisting on the quality-price ratio. As a global smartphone brand, realme will also push products like GT Neo6 SE into the global market to share the cost pressure.

In the future, realme will continue to increase its investment in the global market, further enhancing its brand’s visibility and influence in the global market by launching more competitive products and improving its service system. Xu Qi also emphasized the importance of technological innovation for brand development. He stated that realme will continue to increase investment in technology research and development and innovation, bringing competitive new technologies and products to users for better user experiences. This spirit of innovation not only helps improve brand image and competitiveness but also brings new opportunities and challenges to the entire industry’s development.

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