Xiaomi Store: Apps can’t auto-check or force renewals

On April 13th, it was reported that in recent years, various platforms have been promoting subscription-based membership programs with automatic renewal features, offering super low discounts for the first month or period to attract users to sign up.

Many long-time users find it difficult to cancel these subscriptions and end up being charged every month, even if they are no longer using the device/app.

Last month, the Xiaomi App Store announced that they would crack down on automatic renewal practices within apps.

According to the announcement, the new regulations officially came into effect today, with a particular emphasis on not pre-checking options or forcing users to opt into automatic renewals.

The specifics are as follows:

  1. If your app offers services with auto-renewal or auto-renewal payment methods, you must obtain user consent. Users must confirm twice before these services can be activated. Pre-checking options or forcing users to opt in is not allowed.

  2. Before users subscribe to a service, they must be clearly and prominently informed about the service details, including the charges and payment methods in straightforward language.

  3. The app’s auto-renewal agreement must clearly explain how to cancel auto-renewal and provide convenient ways for users to unsubscribe or manage auto-renewals during the subscription period.

  4. The auto-renewal agreement should clearly state that users will be reminded five days before auto-renewal occurs via SMS or push notifications, highlighting service details, charges, and other relevant information.


[Source: 快科技]

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