Xiaomi’s Xu Fei and Zhang Songwen pick up the same model Xiaomi SU7

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On April 14th, Kuai Technology reported that recently, Xiaomi’s Vice President in China, Xu Fei, shared a video introducing her own Xiaomi SU7 Founder’s Edition model.

Interestingly, at the handover scene, Xu Fei also encountered actor Zhang Songwen’s Xiaomi SU7.

Xiaomi SU7

According to Xu Fei, her Xiaomi SU7 is exactly the same as Zhang Songwen’s, not only in terms of configuration and color but even the grey interior is identical, which made Xu Fei exclaim, “such a remarkable coincidence.”

Xiaomi SU7

It is known that previously, some netizens asked Zhang Songwen, “Xiaomi cars are about to be released, why didn’t CEO Lei prepare one for the teacher?”

Xiaomi SU7

In a half-joking manner, Zhang Songwen replied, “No one has mentioned it to me yet, how can I hint at it without going overboard?”

Surprisingly, Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun quickly replied on Weibo, saying, “We have prepared one for you, delivery starts on 4/3, feel free to come. Which color do you like?”

To this, Zhang Songwen humorously responded, “One casual remark made you go through so much trouble, I feel really sorry. But speaking of colors, olive green does seem quite appealing.

It is worth mentioning that in April last year, Xiaomi announced Zhang Songwen as their Xiaomi Imaging Explorer.

Since then, he has frequently shared photos taken with various Xiaomi phones on social media platforms.

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