AI Dev Tools Unveiled by Li Yanhong: Empowering All to Code

Below is the transcript of Li Yanhong’s keynote speech “Everyone is a Developer”

Hello everyone, welcome to the Baidu AI Developer Conference Create 2024. This is the first time the Create conference is held in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. Today, we have over 5,000 developers and tech enthusiasts attending. Over the past year, in my exchanges with many entrepreneurs and developers, I sense that many are in a state of “FOMO,” which stands for Fear of Missing Out, feeling both excited and afraid of missing out. Indeed, large-scale models and generative AI will completely transform the developer community.

In the past, developers changed the world with code; in the future, natural language will become the new universal programming language. Just by being able to speak, you can become a developer and use your creativity to change the world.

This day is not far off. We see that with powerful foundational large-scale models and many low-threshold, even zero-threshold development tools available, developers’ productivity has greatly increased.

For example, Comate, the intelligent code assistant based on the Wenxin large model, supports over 100 languages and all mainstream IDE platforms. It can recommend code, generate code comments, identify code defects, provide optimization solutions, and even deeply interpret code libraries, associating private domain knowledge to generate new code. In just over a year, Comate has been adopted by tens of thousands of enterprises such as Ximalaya, Mitsubishi Elevator, and Pactera Technologies, with a code adoption rate of 46%. 27% of Baidu’s newly added code each day is generated by Comate.

Today, you don’t have to write code to create an AI application; you don’t need to program to create an intelligent entity. AI is sparking a creativity revolution where developing applications in the future will be as simple as making a short video. Everyone is a developer, everyone is a creator.

As a tech company, Baidu’s role is to provide the necessary development tools to everyone and continuously enhance the creativity of society. Specifically, we offer a powerful series of foundational models, the Wenxin large model series, which includes the flagship versions ERNIE3.5, ERNIE4.0, and also the lightweight versions ERNIE Speed, Lite, Tiny, and so on.

We also provide tools for developing various applications based on large-scale models, including the Intelligent Entity Development Tool AgentBuilder, AI Native Application Development Tool AppBuilder, and various model customization tools of different sizes through ModelBuilder. These three tools represent advanced productivity. I will now demonstrate each of them.

Let’s first talk about the latest developments of Wenxin One Word and the Wenxin large model:

Since its launch on March 16th last year, Wenxin One Word has reached over 200 million users today, with API daily call volumes exceeding 200 million. The number of customers served has reached 85,000, and the number of AI native applications developed using the Qianfan platform has exceeded 190,000.

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