Huawei P Series evolves into Pura with new triangle camera setup.

Evolution of Huawei P Series into Pura Series with New Triangle Camera Setup

Previously, there were rumors circulating among tech bloggers that Huawei’s flagship P series might be discontinued and replaced by a new lineup named “Pura.” Recently, the much-anticipated new devices from this series were officially announced. As disclosed by Huawei’s Executive Director, CEO of the Consumer Business Group, and Chairman of the Intelligent Automotive Solutions Business Unit, Yu Chengdong, the P series will be upgraded to the Pura series. As speculated earlier, it seems that the new models in this series will feature a distinctive triangular camera island design. According to the latest leaks, there will be at least four models in this new series, including an Ultra version.

Recently, @Huawei Terminal, @Huawei Terminal Company, @Huawei Mobile, and Yu Chengdong jointly released several teaser videos, officially confirming the long-rumored new devices from the P series. However, these devices will no longer be referred to as part of the P series but will instead be the Pura series. The official captions for the three teaser videos read, “HUAWEI Pura, Chase Your Heart, Forge Ahead,” “#HuaweiPura70 series, for the one who pushes forward,” and “#HuaweiPura70 series, for the one who pushes forward.” Additionally, as indicated in the teaser videos, the “HUAWEI Pura70 series is for those who dare to move forward.”

In the teaser videos, Yu Chengdong personally reviewed the development history of the Huawei P series and stated, “We have always adhered to the design principles of high-end, ultimate, simple, and pure, blending technology, fashion, and art into our products to create a more unique and modern aesthetic design. With bold imagination and exploration of unseen beauty, we will continue to invest in mobile imaging innovation, continuously pushing the limits of mobile imaging, to offer global consumers a better photography experience, and open up a whole new visual world from a pioneering perspective.”

In the teaser videos, Yu Chengdong recounted the evolution of the Huawei P series, which was first launched in 2012 and has a 12-year history, with the first model being the Ascend P1. Initially part of the Ascend brand and positioned as a sub-flagship, it focused on imaging performance. Over time, Huawei’s product series have evolved: the D series evolved into the Mate series, the P series shifted to a more youthful flagship focusing on imaging, and the G series transformed into the Nova series, emphasizing fashion. Now, the P series has been renamed as the Pura series, further reinforcing its focus on imaging technology.
Huawei Pura Triangle Camera Setup

Huawei Pura Triangle Camera Setup

Huawei Pura Triangle Camera Setup

Huawei Pura Triangle Camera Setup

Huawei Pura Triangle Camera Setup

Huawei Pura Triangle Camera Setup

Pura can be a girl’s name or represent the meaning of a temple, but Huawei did not explain the meaning of Pura in the video, presumably it will be elaborated upon at the new phone launch event. However, the renaming has not changed Pura’s positioning. According to the analysis in the video, Pura is still a smartphone that emphasizes appearance and photography. However, from the naming perspective, although the series name has changed this time, it will still continue the naming rules and sequence of the previous P series. The new phone will be named Pura70.

Huawei Pura 70

In the teaser video, it is shown that the Huawei Pura70 will debut with a triangular design. This time, Huawei Pura 70 will also pay tribute to every one of you who are forging ahead. As the new generation flagship of visual aesthetics, the unique design of Pura 70 is not only a subversion of traditional design, but also a significant innovation of the aesthetic genes of the P series: daring imagination to explore unseen beauty; pioneering perspective to open up a brand new vision; original style to lead the fashion trend. #Huawei P70 triangular camera island design confirmed#

Huawei Pura 70

Regarding this renaming, some netizens commented, “Pura means ‘pure’ in Spanish and Portuguese.” Some netizens admire Huawei’s confidentiality work, “The promotional video still uses the Huawei P60.” As for the release date of the new phone, personnel from Huawei offline stores revealed, “There is still no specific sales information for Huawei Pura, but it should be coming soon.” Currently, the Huawei Mall has not announced the sales information for the new phone yet. Whether Huawei Pura will join the pioneer program depends on further official teaser information.

In addition, regarding the new Huawei Pura series, recently, @FactoryManager 关同学 revealed, “#HowToPronouncePura#

How do you pronounce Pura? Say it like ‘piū rua’

We call Huawei Mate ‘美腿 (beautiful legs)’

We call Huawei Pocket ‘宝盒 (treasure box)’

Shouldn’t we call Huawei Pura ‘漂亮 (beautiful)?’

However, some netizens suggest that Pura should be named Huawei’s ‘飘啦 (fluttering)’ series.

What do you think?”

Moreover, the blogger also revealed, “#HuaweiP70 Pura#

Huawei Pura 70E

Huawei Pura 70

Huawei Pura 70 Pro

Huawei Pura 70 Pro+

Huawei Pura 70 Pro+ Enjoyment Edition”. From this, it seems that there might be five new models for this device.

Additionally, digital bloggers @DigitalChitChat and @FixedFocusDigital recently revealed, “The Huawei P70 series has finally started to warm up, the first release is officially renamed as Pura, with previous official website test models such as Pura 70, Pura 70 Pro, Pura 70 Pro+, Pura 70 Ultra…”

“#HuaweiOfficialAnnouncement P series rebranding to Pura# Brothers, set your expectations on Ultra, this time it’s truly Ultra.” “Pura means pure, beautiful. For the Huawei brand, the aim is to elevate the P series status, running parallel to Mate.” In interaction with netizens, the blogger also mentioned that the Pura 70 Ultra model will have several exclusive features, including imaging and materials, with no compromises.

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