Huawei P Series Now Pura! Stories Behind Popular Phone Names

Huawei’s Mobile Division Announcement

This morning, Huawei’s terminal official Weibo announced a significant rebranding: the P series has been upgraded to the “Pura” series. Alongside this change, Huawei unveiled the first teaser video for the Huawei Pura 70 series titled “Forge Ahead.” Huawei’s Executive Director and CEO of Terminal BG, as well as the Chairman of Intelligent Automotive Solutions BU, Richard Yu, mentioned that the history of the P series is intertwined with the evolution of mobile imaging technology and aesthetic innovation in technology.

Pura Series

Elegant Evolution

Like its Mate series, Huawei’s P series now bears a full-fledged name: Pura, which means “pure” and “beautiful” in Spanish, pronounced as “piu rua”. This new name perfectly embodies Huawei’s dedication to design excellence and aesthetic pursuit, resonating well with the brand’s concept focused on imaging and style.

Pura Series Beauty

Companion for Life

“A workman must first sharpen his tools.” Indeed, a compelling and stylish product name can significantly impact its market performance. Huawei adeptly named its flagship series – Mate – a term which connotes ‘friend’ or ‘partner,’ fostering a feeling of reliability and closeness. The Huawei Mate series aims to be a trusted companion, always by your side, safeguarding your journey ahead.

Mate Series

Star-studded Galaxy

In the arena of product naming, Samsung’s Galaxy series competes closely with Huawei Mate in terms of catchiness. The word ‘Galaxy,’ meaning a system of stars, symbolizes the assembly of all of Samsung’s advanced technologies—from its in-house screens and processors to cameras and systems.

Samsung Galaxy

Road to Innovation

In Chinese manufacturers, OPPO’s Find series stands out with its significant legacy of innovation, represented by pioneering features in slim designs and rapid charging technologies. Each generation of the Find series has marked a milestone in technological exploration in smartphones.


Vibrant and Innovative

OPPO’s Reno, implying “Renovation,” reflects an intent to shape a vibrant, innovative, and distinctive brand image. It stands for continual reinvention and a youthful spirit.


Magical Moments

Honor’s Magic series has been a playground for Huawei’s latest technologies such as curved glass and advanced fingerprint technology. In MagicOS, the phone uses machine learning to enhance user interaction, such as pulling up transit codes near a metro station automatically – these are branded as “Magic Moments.” Honor and Huawei have since utilized these innovations extensively.

Honor Magic

Final Thoughts

Behind the classic names in the tech industry, there lies a treasure trove of expectations and aspirations set by the R&D teams. These names not only flesh out the product’s identity but also influence its future trajectory in the market, weaving a tale cherished by tech enthusiasts worldwide. As Huawei launches the Pura series, let us look forward with anticipation to the new heights the Huawei Pura 70 will reach.

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