Huawei P70 Phased Out, P60 Now Discontinued! New Series Incoming.

Huawei Officially Announces the Replacement of P Series with Pura Series

Many people have been curious recently as various domestic mobile phone manufacturers have been launching new products across high, mid, and low-end segments. Even if not officially released, they have at least announced some news to generate anticipation. However, Huawei has been unusually calm about it. While the entire internet has been eagerly awaiting the launch of the P70 series, Huawei officials have not revealed any information. Not a single mention related to P70 has been made by any of the top Huawei executives, keeping the netizens in suspense. After such a long period of complete silence, what’s really going on?

Finally, Huawei has provided an answer today. The P series, which has existed for 12 years, has completed its historical mission and is officially stepping down today. This means that the long-awaited P70 will not be coming. With the exit of the P series, a new series will naturally take its place. Today, Huawei’s official announcement, personally made by Yu Chengdong, revealed that the P series will be replaced by the Pura series. Although the P series is being phased out, it’s essentially just a change in name. Huawei’s aim seems to be to present the P series in a completely new light to everyone by rebranding it.

Huawei Announcement

To be honest, companies like Huawei undoubtedly make all decisions after thorough consideration. So, what’s the significance behind naming the new series Pura? After looking it up online, Pura means “classic, artistic, pure.” This explains the intention behind the name change well. The products in the Pura series will embody these three meanings. In Huawei’s official promotional video of Pura, it is also claimed that Pura will continue to lead in the high-end market. In the video featuring Yu Chengdong, the camera capabilities are repeatedly emphasized, which has always been a prominent feature of the P series. Pura is simply set to enhance this aspect further.

Currently, the most awkward situation is not for the netizens, but for those third-party leakers. These individuals have been referring to the upcoming P60 successor as P70 all along. There were even multiple leaks suggesting that P70 would directly join the cutting-edge program and be available for sale ahead of its announcement. Now that Huawei has officially confirmed the information, all previous third-party leaks have been categorically denied at once. Even those third-party stores that prematurely listed P70 components have to urgently rename their products.

Huawei Pura Series Introduction

However, there is one question to ponder: The P series has been in the market for 12 years, and many users have a deep impression of it. With the imminent launch of a new device by Huawei without any prior buzz, how can the company quickly alter user perceptions and make them forget about the P series, shifting their focus to the brand-new Pura series?

Huawei naturally has enough confidence in its brand influence. Just like other manufacturers may not have the capability to carry out pioneering plans, the Mate 60 series, as a high-end flagship, can achieve sales figures in the tens of millions even if released in advance. This showcases the extent of user recognition towards the Huawei brand. The Pura series is expected to follow suit. As long as Huawei effectively promotes it leveraging its brand influence, the Pura series could swiftly establish its presence. Regarding the pricing of the Pura series, there might be a moderate increase, but it shouldn’t be too substantial.

Huawei Pura Series Impact

With this move by Huawei, the P60 suddenly becomes a discontinued model. Third-party prices may even rise instead of fall. Have any of you thought about getting one as a collector’s item before they disappear completely?

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