Huawei Pura 70 Series: Still Leading the Pack?

What’s happening – has the Huawei P70 vanished? No, it’s the cutting-edge HUAWEI Pura series that’s taken the stage!

Since Huawei stealthily initiated their “Pioneer Program” last year, their new flagship phone launch patterns have become more unpredictable. And now, they’ve pulled off a big move by officially rebranding the highly anticipated P series to the HUAWEI Pura series, which has immediately soared to the top of the trending searches, grabbing the limelight.

As Huawei has announced the upgrade of the P series to the HUAWEI Pura series, the cloak of mystery is gradually lifting off the new Pura 70 model. Huawei recently released the first teaser video for the Pura 70, sparking widespread interest among consumers and industry insiders.

The teaser video showcased a design featuring a triangular camera array for the first time, confirming the rumors that the Pura 70 will sport a groundbreaking triangular camera island design. This unique approach is quite rare in the smartphone market, breaking away from the conventional rectangular or circular camera modules and injecting a fresh design language into the smartphone’s aesthetics.

Additionally, though Huawei has yet to announce the official release date for the Pura 70, third-party e-commerce platforms are already experiencing robust sales of Pura 70 phone cases. Some stores have reported sales surpassing tens of thousands, with numerous customers posting their case receipts and eagerly looking forward to the release of the Pura 70 series.

It’s also worth mentioning that, according to leaks, the Huawei Pura 70 series has already started to distribute stock offline. The versions and color options are as follows:

  • Pura 70: 12+512GB, available in Ice Crystal Blue, Feather Sand Black, Snowy White, and Cherry Rose Red.
  • Pura 70 Pro: 12+512GB/12+1TB, offered in Snowy White, Roland Purple, and Feather Sand Black.
  • Pura 70 Pro+: 16+512GB/16+1TB, in Light Wave Silver, String White, Phantom Black, and the exclusive Le Supreme edition.
  • Pura 70 Ultra: 16GB+1TB, in Ceramic White and Ceramic Black.

Retail staff have indicated that there’s no word on when the device will go on sale yet, but customers can leave their phone number to be notified as soon as stock arrives. However, this doesn’t guarantee that everyone will get a device, as distribution will follow the order of payments received.

Moreover, third-party organizations are optimistic about the sales of the Huawei Pura70 series. Guo Mingqi, an analyst at TF International Securities, predicted that compared to the P60 series released in 2023, shipments of the P70 series could see substantial growth in 2024. If the demand for replenished stock remains strong, P70 shipments could increase by 230% to 13-15 million units; even with slower demand, an increase of 150% to 10-12 million units is anticipated.

Guo also stated that the major selling point of the P70 series lies in the use of a periscope telephoto lens. The high-end models’ wide-angle cameras will utilize a 1G6P freeform lens, which is costly at 4-5 times the price of a standard 7P lens due to its synthetic glass material.

BCI Research Institute recently released data for the smartphone market in China for Q1 2024, with Huawei ranking third with a 15.5% market share. Their shipments reached 10.584 million units, barely surpassing Apple.

Furthermore, about the rebranding, some netizens commented that “Pura” means “pure” in Spanish and Portuguese languages. Others expressed admiration for Huawei’s secrecy, noting that “even the promotional videos used the Huawei P60.” As for the release date of the new device, Huawei’s offline store staff revealed that there is no specific information about the start of sales yet, but it “should be soon.” At present, Huawei’s online store has yet to announce sales details. Whether the Huawei Pura will join the Pioneer Program remains to be seen with further teasers from Huawei.

Additionally, one major intrigue surrounding the Huawei Pura 70 series is when it will go on sale. Based on current information, Huawei seems prepared to launch the phones without an event, a strategy previously used for the Mate60 series. So, those eager to get their hands on one should keep an eye on the Huawei online store around 10:08 and 12:08 each day – surprises might just pop up.

It’s confirmed that the rumors about the Pura 70 series are quite accurate. The entire line will feature large AI models for photo optimization, with the built-in Pangu large model enhancing camera clarity, particularly for telephoto shots. This function, similar to the UltraZoom feature on the Xiaomi 14 Ultra, will improve clarity through algorithms, but results may differ from optical zoom. The image sensors will employ a 1-inch main shooter across the series, all featuring a variable aperture design and equipped with a periscope telephoto lens. Clearly, even standard edition users can enjoy top-notch imaging experiences.

Regarding processors, it’s traditional for the P series to maintain the same processor as the previous Mate series, meaning likely the Kirin 9000S. However, it’s uncertain if Huawei may introduce a new Kirin processor on the fly.

As for whether Huawei will reveal any new significant features, it’s personally speculated that the Pura 70 series will focus on AI imaging, where AI application in mobile photography goes beyond simple scene-matching algorithms to enhance pictures. AI can now transform a photo from multiple angles, altering the entire image or even creating certain details from scratch.

The combination of AI large models, mobile computing power, and the imaging system expands the boundaries of mobile photography, greatly increasing creative space and unleashing users’ imaginations. AI imaging adds more fun to mobile photography, allowing everyone to easily engage in professional-level photography. With AI features like filters, templates, removal, and beautification, users can achieve better photos and videos.

Finally, the brand-new Huawei Pura 70 series is expected to meet everyone in April and may continue with the “surprise attack” approach like the previous Huawei Mate60 series. We’ll stay tuned for more detailed information.

So, if you have anything to say about the upcoming release of the Huawei Pura 70 series, feel free to leave your comments below and join the discussion with us!

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