Huawei’s Classic P Series Renamed to Pura Series

Fans of Huawei’s classic P series might feel a bit nostalgic as the series is set to disappear from the market, having been officially renamed to the Pura series. This rebranding positions the Pura alongside the Huawei Mate series, serving as twin pillars of Huawei’s high-end market offerings, targeting distinct segments of the consumer base. However, some users worry about the overlap between the two brands and how to clearly differentiate their target audiences.

Previously, Huawei’s product lineup included the Mate, P, Pocket, Nova, and Enjoy series. The renaming of the P series signifies Huawei’s strategic move towards a more segmented and balanced branding approach, placing Pura at a high-end position alongside the Mate series. Market analysts generally view the Pura as second only to the Mate series, closely matching it in some aspects. This is a different tier compared to the Nova and Enjoy series.

Concerns persist about diluting brand hierarchies since the Mate series has traditionally represented the pinnacle of high-end devices, followed by the P series, which was favored by young people or those seeking value for money. With the new choices between Mate and Pura, this distinction might become less clear, focusing more on personal preference than ever before. Given Huawei’s current business scenario, offering more choices through distinct branding could be seen as a positive step, especially when considering the different needs for chipsets and production capacities.

For those who cherished the P series, the rename might feel like a loss. Owners of current P series phones should value their devices as they now own a piece of history. Amid speculations about the launch of the P70 series, Huawei announced the transition to the Pura series. “In 2012, we launched the Huawei P series. Over the past 12 years, billions of consumers have captured countless amazing moments and beautiful aspects of life with our products. The history of the P series parallels the development of mobile imaging,” said Richard Yu, CEO of Huawei Consumer Business Group, in a statement. “Today, we upgrade the Huawei P series to Huawei Pura to embark on a new journey.”

Reports suggest that the Pura series may depart from Huawei’s traditional design of rounded squares to a striking triangular camera island configuration. This distinctive design update arrives in a time when smartphone differentiation is crucial due to increasing market homogeneity.

In terms of availability, there hasn’t been an official announcement for pre-orders of the new Pura series, though rumors suggest the initiation of a “Pioneer Program” and about 200 units being quietly booked by retailers reflecting a high customer interest. Analyst Kuo Ming-Chi stated that the shipments of the P70 series are expected to grow significantly in 2024 (with the P60 series having shipped between 4 to 5 million units in 2023) assuming production capacity can keep up. Huawei expects a possible shipment increase of up to 230% for the P70 series in 2024, reaching between 13 to 15 million units.

Market research indicates a robust performance by Huawei, with sales surging by 64% in the first six weeks of the year, and its market share leaping from 9.4% to 16.5% in China, securing a second-place national ranking. This reflects Huawei’s gradual recovery from previous supply chain challenges, with a 17.3% year-over-year increase according to Huawei’s 2023 financial report.

The complete lineup for the Huawei Pura 70 series includes:

  • Pura 70 in Ice Crystal Blue, Feather Sand Black, Snowfield White, and Cherry Rose Red offering 12+512GB
  • Pura 70 Pro in Snowfield White, Roland Purple, Feather Sand Black with options of 12+512GB and 12+1TB
  • Pura 70 Pro+ in Photonic Silver, String White, Phantom Black available in 16+512GB and 16+1TB configurations, along with an Ultra Edition yet to be announced.

The Pura 70 will feature a 6.58″ LTPO OLED display, a 5000mAh battery with 88W wired and 50W wireless charging, a 13MP front selfie camera, and a 50MP OV50H primary rear camera. The Pro version will upgrade to a 6.76″ LTPO OLED display and a 5200mAh battery, while the Pro+ model similarly sports a 6.76″ display and a 5100mAh battery but with enhanced photography capabilities.

As per the latest updates, Huawei is gearing up for the spring sale of the Pura 70, with distributors set to begin financial transactions, indicating imminent availability. Dealers expect the first sales around April 20.

This bold strategic move marks a significant shift in Huawei’s approach, potentially setting new standards in smartphone innovation and design while catering to the evolving preferences of technology enthusiasts.

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