iPhone SE 4 Specs Revealed, Features A16 Chip

Detailed Specifications Revealed for the Upcoming iPhone SE 4

Recently, netizens have exposed detailed specifications about the upcoming iPhone SE 4 on social media platforms. It is reported that this phone will feature the Apple A16 chip and come equipped with the Qualcomm Snapdragon X70 communication baseband, marking another significant hardware upgrade for Apple.

iPhone SE 4 Specifications

The iPhone SE 4 is set to undergo significant changes. According to the CAD renderings first revealed by overseas media, the new device will adopt a notch screen design and support Face ID facial recognition. This change makes the iPhone SE 4 visually closer to the current iPhone series. Furthermore, the screen size will increase from the iPhone SE 3’s 4.7 inches to 6.1 inches, providing users with a wider and more immersive visual experience.

In terms of camera configuration, the iPhone SE 4 will maintain a single-camera setup. Although the specific camera model has not been disclosed, it is rumored to be equipped with a Sony IMX 503 sensor and support various photography features such as 1080P Cinematic mode, Deep Fusion, Smart HDR, AI scene photography, and portrait mode. However, it is worth noting that this new device does not support Night mode.

iPhone SE 4 Camera Specifications

Additionally, the iPhone SE 4 will see improvements in battery life. It is rumored that the new device’s battery capacity will increase from 2018mAh in the iPhone SE 3 to 3279mAh, a boost of nearly 1261mAh. This enhancement is expected to deliver better battery performance. Moreover, the new device will also use the same battery as the iPhone 14 to reduce costs.

In terms of storage, the iPhone SE 4 is expected to offer storage options of up to 6GB+512GB, catering to the diverse needs of users. Furthermore, the phone will support 20W wired charging and 12W wireless charging capabilities.

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