Porsche China CEO praises Xiaomi SU7 design for its intuitive brilliance.

Insights: Originality Spark or Mere Coincidence?

By Zhou Shengming, Edited by Zhang Guangkai
During the fourth China International Consumer Products Expo on April 14, Porsche China’s President and CEO, Michael Kirsch, shared his views in an exclusive interview with China Economic Review, remarking:

“When it comes to the similarities between the Xiaomi SU7 and Porsche, I believe that great design often resonates naturally.”

Ever since the reveal of the Xiaomi SU7’s design late last year, netizens have joked about its resemblance to Porsche, dubbing it “Mi-sche”. At Xiaomi’s event on March 28, CEO Lei Jun spent considerable time comparing the SU7 with the Porsche Taycan. Lei stated, “Our goal with Xiaomi Automobile is to create a Dream Car on par with Porsche and Tesla.”

Xiaomi SU7

Porsche Taycan

This is the first time Porsche has responded to public discussions about the similarity in design between the Xiaomi SU7 and a Porsche.

Kirsch highlighted Porsche’s commitment to a unique design aesthetic and the principle of “form follows function,” established over the brand’s 75-year history. He emphasized Porsche’s ethos of innovation and meticulous standards in product development.

“We appreciate competition that adheres to the same high standards of fairness, honesty, and legality,” Kirsch added.

Kirsch is pleased to see more emphasis in the electric vehicle sector on performance and handling, allowing consumers to appreciate cars beyond just as means of transport. He notes, “We always emphasize ‘iconic Porsche performance,’ which is the result of systematic research and innovation, not just one-dimensional product performance.”

Popularity of the Xiaomi SU7 Design

Xiaomi’s chief car designer, Li Tianyuan, mentioned:

“Our primary design philosophy for the SU7 was never to deliberately resemble Porsche or overly concern ourselves with similarities. Our first principle has always been the pursuit of form and function.”

Before joining Xiaomi, Li was the first Chinese auto designer at BMW, involved in various projects, including the flagship electric SUV BMW iX and the BMW i Vision Circular concept car.

Xiaomi SU7 Design

Lei Jun commented at the SU7’s release, “The design with the least wind resistance tends to look this way.”

Despite some controversies over the design online, most owners and fans appreciate its aesthetics. An automotive influencer platform surveyed 100 committed Xiaomi SU7 buyers, finding that “design” was a primary factor for 81% of purchasers.

Survey on Design

The Xiaomi SU7 particularly appeals to younger consumers who favor its sporty and sleek design. According to the survey, 80% of committed buyers are under 35, with the largest group aged between 26-30 years, making up 42%.

Demographic Data

Porsche’s Push into New Energy

In the first quarter of this year, Porsche delivered 77,640 new vehicles globally, a 4% decrease compared to Q1 2023, largely due to slowdowns in North America and China. However, its sales in Germany surged by 37%, and the overall European market grew by 9%.

The upcoming Beijing Auto Show will spotlight the new all-electric Porsche Macan. Expected to be more affordably priced than the Taycan, it’s anticipated to boost Porsche’s strategy in the electric vehicle segment.

Upcoming Electric Macan

Kirsch reported positive market feedback for the all-electric Macan, which will be priced and unveiled at the Beijing Auto Show, with deliveries anticipated to begin in Q4 this year.

Electric Macan at Auto Show

Summing up, as Porsche accelerates its electrification plans aiming for electric models to make up over 80% of deliveries by 2030, Kirsch reaffirmed the brand’s focus on maintaining a unique identity and leading advantages in the new energy wave. In the competitive surge of the Chinese market, Porsche remains committed to providing high-quality, performance-centric products and services to its consumers.

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