Shokz unveils new headphones at CES, enhancing sports audio with open acoustics.

The 4th China International Consumer Products Expo Unveils Shokz’s Innovative Headphones

On April 13, 2024, the 4th China International Consumer Products Expo kicked off in Haikou. Not only is this expo the largest showcase of consumer goods in the Asia-Pacific region, but it’s also one of the first six national-level exhibitions of the year, attracting over 4000 brands from 71 countries and regions. It has become the battleground for leading brands in technology and innovation.

Shokz, a specialist sports headphones brand, recently unveiled two new models of sports headphones in a grand event in Beijing. They also announced Li Xian as the global ambassador for Shokz. Following this, they made a high-profile appearance at the expo with the two new models, causing a sensation among attendees. One of the models, the OpenSwim Pro, designed specifically for triathlon swimming, introduced a “fun surfing experience.” This long-awaited product received enthusiastic feedback from users at the expo, who praised its performance after experiencing it firsthand. Many, after scrutinizing its technical specifications and trying it out, concluded that it was an exceptional product in every aspect—whether on land or in water, in terms of comfort, battery life, charging, or sound quality. Some users expressed that the OpenSwim Pro was the sports headphone they had been waiting for, especially in tropical regions like Hainan Island, where it feels like its natural habitat.

Shokz Unveils New Headphones

Another new product, the OpenFit Air, a versatile sports headphone, also garnered significant attention. Some users admitted they had been following the open-ear headphone category since last year and had been eager for a product that offered better value for their multi-scenario needs in work and daily life. The OpenFit Air, with its blend of comfort, high-quality sound, stylish design, and affordability, coupled with the trust associated with the Shokz brand, not only appealed to individuals but also prompted them to recommend it enthusiastically to family and friends. Some users were eagerly awaiting the release of the cherry blossom pink variant, believing it would create a sensation in the market.

Shokz Unveils New Headphones

During the product launch event at the expo, Liu Yating, the brand marketing director for Shokz in China, delivered a keynote speech titled “Enhancing Sports Audio Experience with Open Acoustics.” She highlighted the growth of open-ear headphone sales in China, particularly a 130.2% year-on-year increase, citing it as a significant opportunity in the market. In light of this, Shokz’s sales revenue in China surpassed 1 billion, securing the top position globally for sports headphones and non-in-ear open-ear headphones in 2023.

Shokz Unveils New Headphones

Behind these achievements, Shokz has continued its momentum. Recently, they formed the Shokz Team, a global elite athlete matrix, comprising over ten world-class athletes from disciplines like triathlon, marathons, and trail running. Together, they explore new brand journeys for 2024, pushing boundaries both on land and in water. Additionally, Shokz, in collaboration with the China National Institute of Standardization, drafted the first group standard for bone conduction headphones—establishing technical requirements and evaluation methods. This initiative aims to standardize and promote the healthy development of the bone conduction headphone industry through technological innovation.

It’s evident that Shokz has shone brightly at the Hainan Consumer Products Expo. With its new generation of competitive products, the Shokz Team’s continued focus on sports, and the establishment of industry standards for bone conduction headphones, alongside the endorsement of global ambassador Li Xian, Shokz has demonstrated its innovative breakthroughs in the field of open acoustics. While deeply rooted in professional sports, with the launch of the OpenFit Air, they continue to forge ahead in the open-ear headphone market. We can fully expect Shokz to script a new chapter for the global sports headphone market this year.

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