Top Foldable Phone Deal: Snapdragon 8+ for Just $450!

This month, Nubia launched its Flip foldable screen smartphone with a brand new starting price of only 2999 yuan, making it indeed the cheapest flip foldable screen smartphone among the new models. Therefore, many fans ask me, is this device worth buying? What I want to say is, considering just the price, it’s indeed worth buying, but if we compare horizontally, Nubia Flip is not currently the best value-for-money flip foldable screen smartphone.

At this moment, the flip foldable screen smartphone with the best value for money is the Motorola razr 2022, starting at only 3063 yuan for 8GB+256GB. Although this is a product released in 2022, it’s equipped with the Snapdragon 8+ processor. This processor currently ranks third in performance among Qualcomm processors, just behind Snapdragon 8 Gen3 and Snapdragon 8 Gen2, much stronger than the Snapdragon 7 Gen1 processor in the Nubia Flip. According to AnTuTu benchmark scores, Snapdragon 8+ can score over 1.1 million points, while Snapdragon 7 Gen1 can only score over 700,000 points.

Moreover, in terms of the most crucial hinge technology, the Motorola razr 2022 adopts the third-generation star track hinge, and the crease is not very noticeable. Plus, the Motorola razr 2022 has a 2.7-inch square main outer screen, which is more practical than the 1.43-inch round small outer screen of the Nubia Flip. Personally, I feel that the Motorola razr 2022 is more suitable for male business users, while the Nubia Flip is more suitable for female users who pursue fashion trends.

In terms of price, the Motorola razr 2022 didn’t start selling at three thousand yuan initially; its starting price was originally 5999 yuan. Over a year has passed, and now the price of the new model has been directly halved. As for the next generation Motorola razr 40Ultra, although it also uses the Snapdragon 8+ processor, it starts at a higher price of 300 yuan more, which isn’t very appealing.

Of course, currently, the Motorola razr 2022 is basically in the stage of clearing inventory. The price of just over three thousand yuan corresponds to the “beggars’ version” of 8GB+256GB. The real value lies in the previous 32XX yuan for the 12GB+512GB version. Unfortunately, this price is no longer available, so everyone should stop thinking about it. If it’s not possible, you can only consider buying second-hand.

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