Global Buzz: 30 Upgrades on iPhone 16 Pro – Are You Tempted?

April 15th news – International tech site macrumors recently analyzed trustworthy leaks and compiled a list of 30 upgrades and optimizations for the upcoming iPhone 16 Pro series. I’ve had a chance to review these enhancements, and some are quite surprising. With only about five months left until the iPhone 16 series is unveiled, let’s get a sneak peek at what the iPhone 16 Pro series has in store. (Images are for reference only)

Display Upgrades (3 points)

Compared to the iPhone 15 Pro series, the screen sizes of both models receive an upgrade: the Pro model from 6.1 inches to 6.3 inches, and the Pro Max model from 6.7 inches to 6.9 inches. Another improvement is the slimmer bezels alongside a symmetric quadrilateral design, enhancing the aesthetic appeal and visual experience. The third upgrade features a more efficient and brighter OLED display, potentially incorporating micro-lens technology, making this year’s screen brightness truly impressive.

Chip, Cooling, and Connectivity Enhancements (5 points)

Starting with the chip upgrade from the A17 Pro to the A18 Pro, the manufacturing process evolves from TSMC’s N3B to N3E, theoretically improving performance and energy efficiency. A revamped design boosts the neural engine’s core, significantly enhancing AI computing power to better support new AI models.

The most anticipated update is the cooling optimization. The internal copper cooling plate has been upgraded to a graphene cooling plate, complemented by a new cooling design for the metal battery case. With these cooling system improvements, not only will large games run smoother, but the likelihood of screen dimming in hot outdoor conditions will also reduce. In terms of connectivity, there’s a regular upgrade on the 5G baseband from Snapdragon X70 to Snapdragon X75, supporting the latest WIFI7 connections.

Camera Updates (10 points)

The rear main camera has been upgraded from Sony’s IMX803 to the IMX903, with the sensor size increasing from 1/1.28 inches to 1/1.14 inches. The lens has been upgraded from 7P to 8P, introducing a new “photo button” to trigger photography and video functions. The telephoto lens now uses larger sensors, upgrading the entire line to periscope-style super-telephoto lenses, with both models supporting up to 5X optical zoom. The Pro model’s maximum focal length has been increased from 77mm to 120mm, while the Pro Max model’s maximum focal length has increased from 120mm to over 300mm, exclusively featuring a “super” telephoto lens. The ultra-wide upgrade boasts a jump from 12 million to 48 million pixels, with the lens also upgrading from 5P to 6P.

Battery and Charging Enhancements (4 points)

Battery technology has been improved, upgrading from single-layer batteries to stacked batteries to increase energy density and extend battery life. Battery capacity has also seen a boost, with the Pro model rising from 3274mAh to 3355mAh, an increase of 81mAh. The Pro Max model’s battery capacity has improved from 4422mAh to 4676mAh, adding 254mAh. Finally, charging sees a long-awaited upgrade: wired charging power has increased from 27W to 40W, and MagSafe wireless charging power from 15W to 20W.

Body Dimensions (3 points)

Due to screen and hardware upgrades, both models have seen increases in body size and weight. Below are the dimensions and weight of both models: The Pro model’s body length has increased from 146.6mm to 149.6mm, width from 70.6mm to 71.45mm, and weight from 187g to 194g. The Pro Max model’s length has increased from 159.9mm to 163mm, width from 76.7mm to 77.58mm, and weight from 221g to 225g.

Other Features and Improvements

Though iOS 18 will introduce new AI features, thanks to hardware and chip advancements, the iPhone 16 Pro series is expected to exclusively offer some AI functionalities. The microphone has been further improved, achieving a higher signal-to-noise ratio and water resistance, aimed at supporting new AI functionalities. Storage capacity also receives a boost, introducing a 2TB version for the first time, a much-requested upgrade as some iPhone users have long complained that 1TB isn’t enough. The exterior will feature more color options and introduce a glossy titanium frame, a boon for those who prioritize aesthetics.

Final Thoughts:

Reflecting on the 30 improvements to the iPhone 16 Pro, from a consumer perspective, I find the enhancements in battery life, fast charging, and camera capabilities most relevant since they directly impact daily usage. As a tech enthusiast, I’m keen on the advancements in the A18 Pro chip, layout of the photo button, and the new AI features. With 30 optimizations summarized by international media, which upgrades are you looking forward to the most?

This is my take on the upcoming iPhone 16 Pro series. Crafting original content is no easy feat, so if you enjoyed this, don’t forget to follow for more thoughts, like, share, and comment. More exciting digital insights await your discussion. Images are sourced from the internet and will be removed upon request!

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