Huawei P70 Renamed to Pura 70 Series; Price Similar to Mate60

Huawei Upgrades P Series to “Huawei Pura” Series

TechFast, April 16th: Recently, Yu Chengdong announced the upgrade of Huawei’s P series to “Huawei Pura,” with the first model named the Huawei Pura 70 series.

According to information from offline store staff, the Pura 70 series is expected to be launched by the end of the month, and it may appear on the official website at any time for direct purchase.

Currently, offline stores are accepting blind orders, with prices expected to be similar to the Mate 60.

Huawei P70 Renamed to Pura 70 Series - Price Similar to Mate60

Third-party agencies are highly optimistic about the sales of the Huawei Pura 70 series.

Tianfeng International Securities analyst Guo Mingchi previously predicted that compared to the P60 series released in 2023, the new series will see a significant increase in shipments in 2024.

If there is strong demand for replenishing phone inventory, shipments of the 70 series are expected to increase by 230% to 13-15 million units; if demand slows down, there is also the potential for a 150% increase to 10-12 million units.

Huawei P70 Renamed to Pura 70 Series - Price Similar to Mate60

According to leaks, distribution of the Pura 70 series has already begun offline, and people can pay attention to Huawei’s official website and official WeChat account at 10:08, 12:08, and 18:08 during these time periods.

Versions and color options are as follows:

Pura 70: 12+512GB, Crystal Blue, Feather Black, Snow White, Sakura Red;

Pura 70 Pro: 12+512GB/12+1TB, Snow White, Roland Purple, Feather Black;

Pura 70 Pro+: 16+512GB/16+1TB, Light Weave Silver, String Music White, Phantom Black, Deluxe Edition;

Pura 70 Ultra: 16GB+1TB, Ceramic White, Ceramic Black.

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