iOS 17.5 Update, New Features Unveiled

iOS 17.5 Beta 2 Update Unveiled

Early this morning, Apple released the second beta update for iOS 17.5, following a two-week interval since the last beta release.

The version number for iOS 17.5 Beta 2 is 21F5058e.

For those who have been testing iOS 17 beta versions, it’s now time to upgrade to the latest beta system.

If you’re eager to try out iOS 17, you can head to the Apple Fan Club official account. Tap on “Send Message” at the bottom right, and reply with the keyword “iOS 17” to get the early access tutorial.

Simply follow the steps to register for the Apple Developer Program for free. Then, navigate to “Settings” on your iPhone → “General” → “Software Update,” and set “Beta Software Updates” to “iOS 17 Developer Beta.”

According to Apple’s official update notes and user experiences, iOS 17.5 Beta 2 brings some new changes.

Firstly, Apple has granted European users the ability to download apps from websites.

However, Apple has imposed restrictions on this action. Developers wishing to distribute apps via websites must meet specific criteria.

These include being enrolled in the Apple Developer Program for more than 2 years and having over 1 million initial installs of the app in the European region, among others.

For eligible developers, Apple will also provide corresponding API interfaces to help them establish app distribution websites.

iOS 17.5 Update

Secondly, there have been optimizations and adjustments to the Podcasts app, primarily focusing on podcast widgets.

After upgrading to iOS 17.5 Beta 2, podcast widgets can automatically switch background colors based on the currently playing content.

The color scheme depends on the theme cover of the current podcast.

For users who frequently listen to podcasts, this should be considered a nice optimization.

Apart from the new features mentioned above, Apple is expected to bring more changes in iOS 17.5.

From the discoveries made by developers in the iOS 17.5 Beta version’s code, several potential new features have been found, likely to be launched in the future.

For instance, there’s a feature to detect and prevent malicious tracking by devices like AirTags.

According to descriptions found in the code strings, when the system detects nearby tracking devices not identified by Find My, users can manually disable them.

As expected, this feature is likely to be rolled out in future updates following iOS 17.5, potentially curbing incidents of malicious tracking.

iOS 17.5 Update

Thirdly, there’s the possibility of a fast battery health check feature being introduced in iPads.

This has been one of the missing features in iPad products for years and is also expected to debut in subsequent iPadOS 17.5 beta versions.

Lastly, Apple has recently stopped signing iOS 16.7.6 official versions, meaning users who have upgraded to iOS 16.7.7 cannot downgrade.

Combining with previous leaks, Apple is expected to launch a batch of new products, including a new iPad, in May, alongside the official release of iOS/iPadOS 17.5.

These are the main recent developments in Apple’s software updates.

Have you upgraded to iOS 17.5 Beta 2? How’s your experience? Feel free to share in the comments section below.

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