IP69 Waterproof OPPO! Insured if wet, just ¥1999 & 1.8m drop-proof!

Breakthrough in Waterproof Technology: OPPO A3Pro

In the past, the support for IP68 functionality was a benchmark for determining whether a smartphone was high-end or not. However, things have changed in the past two years. IP68 functionality has been extended to low-priced phones. Nowadays, even a smartphone costing less than two thousand yuan supports IP68 functionality. But today, the waterproof rating has been refreshed once again, and it’s the domestic smartphones that have broken the barrier.

OPPO A3Pro Waterproof

Above IP68, the higher specification waterproof rating is IP69. This means that smartphones supporting IP69 waterproofing will have better protection features. For example, the newly released OPPO A3Pro is such a phone! This device has achieved IP69, IP68, and IP66 full-level waterproofing. It’s resistant to hot water, immersion, and spray. According to official data, even if the OPPO A3Pro is immersed in water for half an hour, it won’t have any issues. What’s even more remarkable is that even if the OPPO A3Pro gets wet, it’s covered by warranty, which is unprecedented in the industry.

OPPO A3Pro Features

Not only does the OPPO A3Pro support the super-high IP69 waterproof rating, but it also boasts many high-quality protections. For instance, the front is covered with flagship-grade Corning Gorilla Glass Victus2, with a 180% increase in drop resistance and a 3x increase in scratch resistance. The back is covered with OPPO’s self-developed crystal shield glass, significantly enhancing drop and scratch resistance. Therefore, there’s no need for a phone case in daily use, as the OPPO A3Pro is completely resistant to damage from everyday drops.

OPPO A3Pro Battery

In terms of battery life, the OPPO A3Pro is equipped with a 5000mAh super-large battery, easily lasting a whole day on a single charge. Additionally, the device features OPPO’s self-developed biomimetic repair electrolyte technology, further extending the battery life. Even after four years of continuous use, the battery capacity of this phone remains over 80%. For charging, it supports 67W wired fast charging, reaching 100% battery in just 44 minutes. So, even when the phone’s battery is depleted, simply plugging it in for a moment is sufficient.

OPPO A3Pro Configuration

In addition to having a high-quality screen, the OPPO A3Pro also boasts several impressive configurations. It’s powered by the Dimensity 7050 flagship chip, built on a 6nm process, with a benchmark score reaching 610,000! While not top-tier performance, it handles occasional gaming without any pressure. In terms of photography, it offers a 64-megapixel ultra-clear main camera, with a 6.7-inch screen size, supporting high refresh rates, high sampling rates, high brightness, and more. Despite its large battery and crystal shield glass back, the device is not heavy, weighing only 182g and measuring just 7.5mm thick.

OPPO A3Pro Capacities

It must be said that OPPO’s performance in recent years has been particularly impressive, blossoming in all three segments: high, mid, and low-end! As a budget-friendly device, the OPPO A3Pro offers excellent quality, especially in its protection capabilities, making it a model for the industry and not inferior to many high-end smartphones. What’s more, the OPPO A3Pro starts with a capacity of 8GB+256GB, without a 128GB base model. Of course, if your budget allows, the top configuration of 12GB+512GB is also excellent. With the option to expand memory through virtual memory expansion, the memory can reach a maximum of 24GB!

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