Porsche snubs Zotye, vague on Xiaomi SU7; shields its China market.

Porsche Reacts to Xiaomi’s Car Design with Calmness

On April 16, in a different approach than their clash with Zotye in the past, Porsche’s official response to Xiaomi’s SU7 design displayed a very composed attitude.

Previously, due to alleged plagiarism, Porsche had threatened to take legal action against Zotye. However, now, with Xiaomi SU7 bearing striking similarities to Porsche Taycan in design, the official reaction seems remarkably composed.

Michael Kirsch, Porsche’s President and CEO in China, praised Xiaomi SU7 during an interview, suggesting, “I believe that perhaps the resemblance between Xiaomi SU7 and Porsche is because good design often has a telepathic connection.”

Behind this ambiguous statement lies the urgent situation Porsche is facing in the Chinese market.

Porsche has just weathered one of its most challenging quarters in China. According to financial data, Porsche delivered 16,340 cars in China from January to March, a 24% decrease compared to the previous period.

In an effort to revitalize the market, the all-electric Macan will officially debut during the Beijing Auto Show. This model is Porsche’s first developed on the all-electric PPE platform.

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