Apple Folding iPhone: New Patent Approved

[Global Tech News by Huanqiu]
On April 17th, according to information from the United States Patent and Trademark Office, a new patent concerning a folding screen iPhone has officially been granted. This patent focuses on the design of an embedded spring layer, aiming to enhance the durability and user experience of folding screen smartphones.


As per the patent description, Apple’s new design utilizes a metal spring array to provide protection for the folding screen iPhone. The introduction of the spring layer not only effectively alleviates pressure on the device from external impacts but also reduces the impact on the screen during repeated folding and unfolding processes.

It’s worth noting that within the spring layer, Apple has embedded force-sensing structures such as strain gauges and other sensors. These sensors can monitor the force situation of the spring layer in real-time, providing more accurate protection for the device. Additionally, the patent mentions the possibility of interweaving foam columns and other compressible structures with the spring, further enhancing the performance of the spring layer.

Regarding material selection, this spring layer can be made of various flexible metals such as spring steel, nickel-chromium-aluminum alloys, beryllium copper alloys, stainless steel, cobalt-nickel alloys, and others. These materials not only possess good elasticity and toughness but can also withstand significant pressure and deformation.

Industry experts have expressed that with the continuous advancement of folding screen technology, the future smartphone market will witness fiercer competition and a plethora of innovative products.

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