Apple’s Foldable iPhone: New Spring Tech!

Apple’s Breakthrough in Foldable Screen Technology

Fast Technology, April 17 – Although Apple has yet to unveil a foldable iPhone, internal development has been ongoing for years. The delay is attributed to unresolved technical issues such as screen creasing and fragility.

However, recent patent filings reveal that Apple has made strides in enhancing screen durability.

Apple's Foldable iPhone

According to a recent listing from the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), Apple has secured a patent for a foldable screen smartphone, emphasizing a novel concept of spring layers to alleviate pressure during folding.

The spring layer comprises an array of metal springs, embedded with force-sensing structures (such as strain gauges), and can utilize various flexible metals including spring steel, nickel-chromium-aluminum alloys, beryllium-copper alloys, stainless steel, cobalt-nickel alloys, among others.

Apple's Foldable iPhone Technology

If necessary, foam columns and other compressible structures can be interspersed with the springs to help adjust the performance of the spring layer.

Apple states that introducing the spring layer into foldable devices can alleviate external pressure during impacts and compressions, as well as mitigate stress on the screen during repeated folding and unfolding, thereby enhancing the durability of foldable screen devices.

Enhanced Durability

Furthermore, a previous patent by Apple has enabled screen self-repair by covering the screen with a layer of “self-healing” material, reducing creases and scratches.

These developments indicate that Apple’s foldable screen technology is steadily advancing. With the advent of the foldable screen iPhone, Apple may significantly outpace its competitors.

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