Huawei P Series Rebrands as Pura!

On the morning of April 15th, Huawei officially announced the upgrade of its P series brand to HUAWEI Pura, setting off with a new attitude. This isn’t just a simple name change; it’s a grand redefinition of Huawei’s values ​​for the P series brand and ambitious planning for the future direction of HUAWEI Pura.

HUAWEI Pura Rebrand

Twelve years ago, when Huawei launched its first P series smartphone, a revolution in mobile imaging and technological aesthetics quietly began. Since then, the HUAWEI P series has been continuously exploring this path, with each generation of products being a perfect combination of technological innovation and aesthetic design, leading the development of mobile imaging and smartphone design.

Evolution of HUAWEI P Series

In terms of mobile imaging, the HUAWEI P series has also evolved continuously. From the industry’s first black and white dual cameras to the first commercial use of 5x periscope telephoto lenses, self-developed RYYB super-sensitive sensors, the debut of 100x dual-zoom, and the pioneering Super Spotlight night vision telephoto lens, the HUAWEI P series has continuously pushed the boundaries of mobile imaging capabilities, making image creation smarter and more convenient.

Mobile Imaging Evolution

In terms of aesthetic design, the HUAWEI P series has helped users showcase their personalities and self-expression with innovative designs, cutting-edge manufacturing techniques, and trendy colors. Aesthetic innovations of previous generations such as Skyline, Aurora, Frost Silver, and Ripple Clouds have all led the aesthetic trends of the mobile industry in their respective years.

Now, the HUAWEI P series welcomes a brand upgrade. HUAWEI Pura sets off with a new attitude. HUAWEI Pura, meaning “pure,” represents Huawei’s relentless pursuit of ultimate aesthetics and pure intentions, indicating that it will not only inherit excellent product genes but also endow the brand with a more distinctive personality and unique style.

HUAWEI Pura Brand Upgrade

In a video, Yu Chengdong stated, “Our steadfast investment in research and development over the years has given us the confidence to continuously innovate and lead the industry forward. The innovation of technological products is to bring consumers better products, more ultimate experiences; it is to do things that others cannot think of, or things that others can think of but cannot do, or even things that others dare not think of.” Therefore, there is reason to believe that HUAWEI Pura will lead the trend of a new generation of mobile peak imaging and technological aesthetics.

Yu Chengdong

On the one hand, HUAWEI Pura will continue to “explore unseen beauty” and create more stunning and unique appearances and user experiences. Through innovative materials, craftsmanship, and designs, HUAWEI Pura will bring consumers more refined and artistic product designs.

HUAWEI Pura Design

On the other hand, HUAWEI Pura may once again redefine the industry standards in imaging technology. In 2022, Huawei launched the new mobile imaging brand “XMAGE,” driving art with technology through a combination of science and culture. With comprehensive upgrades in optical systems, mechanical structures, imaging technologies, image processing, and other areas, the imaging capabilities of the HUAWEI P series have been significantly enhanced. Thanks to the accumulation of technology in the “optics-machinery-electronics” field, HUAWEI Pura will continue to challenge the limits of mobile imaging, enabling everyone to easily become a “photography master.”

As Yu Chengdong said, the arrival of HUAWEI Pura embodies Huawei’s brand spirit of “pursuing its heart and moving forward with determination.” For the past 12 years, the P series has always adhered to independent innovation, continuously breaking through the limits of imaging in the smartphone field and leading aesthetic design. With the birth of HUAWEI Pura, it will continue to uphold the product genes of Huawei P series intelligent imaging and technological aesthetics, open up a new vision from a pioneering perspective, lead the fashion trend with original style, and bring consumers higher quality products and services, injecting new vitality and creativity into the smartphone industry.

Standing at a new starting point, HUAWEI Pura is fully prepared to embark on a new chapter of brand development with a new attitude and image. And the HUAWEI Pura 70 series will be the first product to officially debut this brand. Let us look forward to the arrival of HUAWEI Pura together, witnessing this revolution of technology, art, and fashion.

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