Huawei P70 Standard leaks: Triangular lens, no launch event, direct online release.

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Despite Huawei frequently launching new products recently, the news about the P70 series remains a mystery. However, according to leaks, a real-time image seems to unveil the rear panel of the standard version of the Huawei P70 smartphone.

Huawei P70 Standard Leaks

Users on social media shared this photo, displaying a wide triangular camera bump and three lens housings that match previously leaked information. This new exposure has sparked anticipation and speculation about the upcoming Huawei P70 series.

The silver border of the camera module surrounds three circular gaps, presenting a sleek appearance. The entire back panel is coated in white, showcasing a matte effect. People can clearly see the smooth edges and the prominent “Huawei” brand logo in the bottom left corner.

Huawei P70 Standard Leaks

The design of the lens structure appears more aesthetic, and the silver-white glass body brings a clearer and finer texture. The overall design gives a soothing feeling to the eyes, pleasing the senses.

Reportedly, Huawei store staff revealed that the actual appearance of the Huawei P70 series is completely different from the renderings circulated online earlier. However, the latest leaks suggest that the actual design may not differ significantly from the previously exposed renders.

Huawei P70 Standard Leaks

Recent rumors indicate that the prices of Huawei P70 and P70 Pro have been hinted at before the launch. Cost estimates seem to be closer to the Huawei Mate 60 series models.

No Launch Event

The Huawei P70 series smartphones have sparked consumer anticipation, but with the direct sales plan underway, this anticipation might end next week. The latest news indicates that the company might start selling this highly anticipated phone in the coming days.

Huawei P70 Standard Leaks

According to leakers, Huawei is likely to begin pre-sales of the P70 series phones in the next few days, expected to start from Monday next week. Moreover, it’s said that the company may choose not to hold any launch event and directly release this new flagship phone.

Further information suggests that once these devices arrive at offline stores, Huawei will immediately initiate the sales process, which could happen at any time. Once sales commence, the company will officially announce the arrival of the P70 series.

Huawei P70 Standard Leaks

According to some analysts, certain third-party sellers might start selling corresponding premium models. Hence, consumers need to remain cautious when purchasing products.

It’s worth noting that the Huawei P70 series may experience a premium in official stores (price higher than the suggested retail price). However, in other online shopping channels or physical stores, this premium might be less, and consumers can check and decide for themselves.

Will the Huawei P70 series debut in a different way?

It’s rumored that the Huawei P70 series will debut in a different way? There are speculations that the upcoming P series will introduce various new solutions, especially in the optical field.

Huawei P70 Standard Leaks

While many are anticipating the launch of flagship products, Huawei can start selling this Huawei smartphone directly through its online and offline stores, just like the previous Mate 60.

Additionally, there’s further news revealing that the Chinese company has temporarily increased the inventory of the P70 series by 50%. Therefore, the upcoming high-end devices are unlikely to face “out of stock” issues like the previous Huawei Mate 60 smartphones. Currently, the most awaited aspect is the official release date of the P70 phone.

Promotional News of the Huawei P70 Series – Where’s the Truth?

Although this tech giant has never officially confirmed any information about the Huawei P70 series, including its appearance, specifications, features, and prices. When asked, insiders at Huawei denied these rumors, stating that the company has never disclosed any related details.

Huawei P70 Standard Leaks

Despite weekly press conferences, we anticipate seeing the debut of the P70 smartphone next week, especially on Monday or Thursday. Some netizens even point out that the end of this month might be the exact release date of the P70 series.

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