Huawei Pura 70 Series, Tri-Cam Setup Confirmed

Huawei’s terminal has kicked off the preheating campaign for this series and released the first promotional video, but the release and launch date of the new device have not been announced yet. The video showcases the “For You with Determination” slogan of the Pura 70 series along with its unique triangular camera module design, which aligns with previous leaks. This design includes a “one big, two small” arrangement of three camera components, with a flash in the middle of the two left cameras.

Pura 70 series camera setup

Digit Chat Station previously revealed that there are four test models of Huawei Pura series smartphones on the Huawei official website: Pura 70, Pura 70 Pro, Pura 70 Pro+, and Pura 70 Ultra.

Huawei Pura series test models

Today, Huawei’s Executive Director, CEO of Terminal BG, and Chairman of Intelligent Car Solutions BU, Yu Chengdong, stated that the Huawei P series is officially upgrading to the Pura series. He emphasized that the development journey of the P series is closely linked to the evolution of mobile imaging and technological aesthetics.

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