Huawei’s new phone is here! The P series is now “Pura,” meaning pure beauty.

Huawei’s New Pura Series: Embracing Pure Beauty

The journey of the P series came to an end with the release of the first Ascend P1 back in 2012. The P60 marked the final chapter of this series.

But fret not, as this is good news! Huawei has officially announced the transition from the P series to the Pura series! The Pura 70 will be the inaugural product of the HUAWEI Pura series.

Huawei's new phone

Now, what does “Pura” actually mean?

Pronounced as “piu rua,” in Spanish, it signifies pure and beautiful, bearing a resemblance in pronunciation to the word “beautiful.”

Now, Huawei’s flagship series has Chinese nicknames: ‘Mate’ refers to “beautiful legs,” ‘Pura’ means ‘beautiful,’ and ‘Pocket’ stands for a treasure chest.

Huawei's new phone

Regarding the design of the Pura 70, the “triangular camera island” in the promotional material seems oddly familiar. It’s likely the rendered image of the previously leaked P70 series! Nevertheless, we now fondly dub it the ‘beautiful 70.’

This time, a triangular-shaped camera lens design is adopted, giving it a unique overall appearance that continues the aesthetic design of the P series. Moreover, it will maintain a strong stance in imaging, as it is one of the hallmarks.

Huawei's new phone

As per leaks, there will be at least 4 models, including Pura 70, Pura 70 Pro, Pura 70 Pro+, and Pura 70 Ultra, positioned as annual benchmarks for flagship imaging.

These phones will feature Huawei’s latest camera systems, all equipped with premium lenses.

The standard version will have a Huawei OV50H sensor, while the advanced version will utilize a Sony IMX989 sensor from Japan. The Sony IMX989 sensor is the first one-inch main camera sensor ever used by Huawei, coupled with Huawei’s newly developed variable aperture technology, promising excellent photography results.

Huawei's new phone

The standard version will start with a memory capacity of 12+256GB, and the high-end model will also feature Thuraya satellite calling capabilities.

Noteworthy is that the beautiful 70 may come with the pure version of the HarmonyOS, as “Pura” stands for “pure,” hinting at the arrival of a “pure HarmonyOS.”

This move could potentially enhance user experience and app ecology significantly.

Huawei's new phone

The HarmonyOS is currently a key factor for many users when purchasing a new device. In the future, Pura is likely to rely on HarmonyOS for a transformation from photography to intelligence.

In addition to the pure HarmonyOS, Pura is poised to integrate Huawei’s in-house “Pangu” AI large model. With continuous upgrades to the Pangu model, the user experience is expected to improve further.

Huawei's new phone

No surprises here; the processor will most probably be the powerful Kirin 9000S 5G chip available at present.

As for the price, it is speculated to start at 5499.

According to information from Huawei’s offline stores, the arrival is expected around April 18, with specific details about the versions yet to be clarified.

Huawei's new phone

In the words of Yu Chengdong: With the upgrade of the P series to HUAWEI Pura, embarking on a new journey, we will persist in integrating technology, fashion, and art into our products.

The debut of this series not only demonstrates Huawei’s commitment to technological independence but also marks a significant stride of Huawei smartphones into the high-end market.

Huawei's new phone

How will the actual experience be? We will have to wait for the new device to be released. Then, all design, parameter configurations, and more will be unveiled.

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