Stock in hand, Huawei dealers prep for Pura70 launch

Image Source: Jiemian News

Reporter: Lu Keyan

Editor: Song Jianan

On April 17th, it was reported by Jiemian News that the new Huawei Pura70 series has gradually started its first shipments in various regions.

A dealer from Guangdong informed Jiemian News that possibly due to production capacity constraints, the initial shipment volume of the Pura70 series is much higher than that of the Mate60 series, but still falls short of the previous flagship models. Among the products he received, the standard version of Pura70 has the highest quantity, followed by the Luxury Edition, while the Pro version is in short supply.

The dealer mentioned above predicts that historically, the pricing of the P series has always been distinctly separate from the Mate series. Considering the starting price of 5499 yuan for the Mate60 series, the expected starting price of Pura70 is likely around 5000 yuan, higher than previous P series models.

Within a year, the busiest promotional periods in the mobile phone industry are usually during the Spring Festival and summer vacation, with March and April being generally slower months. Therefore, dealers commonly view the Pura70 as a hope to stimulate the market during this off-peak period.

Dealers are most concerned about the margin and duration of the premium on the Pura70, as it directly impacts their profits. The aforementioned dealer speculates that due to better supply availability, the premium on Pura70 will not be higher than that of Mate60. However, given the use of Huawei’s self-developed Kirin chipset, along with new designs and imaging capabilities, he remains optimistic about the future sales performance of Pura70.

According to Guo Mingyi, an analyst at TF International Securities, shipments of the Huawei P70 series could increase by 230% in 2024, reaching 13 to 15 million units compared to the previous year. Even in a slowing demand scenario, shipments are still expected to grow by 150%, reaching 10 to 12 million units year-on-year.

Currently, Huawei offline stores have started accepting pre-orders for the Pura70. To boost sales, various stores across the country are offering multiple pre-order subsidies. According to Jiemian News, pre-order situations vary from just a few units to a dozen or more in different locations.

The Pura70 marks a crucial battle for Huawei to regain the peak in the smartphone market. With the release of the Mate60 series last year, the company steered its mobile business back on track and successfully entered the top five in market share in the first quarter of this year. Internal sources at Huawei revealed that the goal for this year is to reclaim the top position.

Another notable change is Huawei’s deliberate shift in the naming of the P series to the new word “Pura” before the launch of the new device, replacing the previous name, corresponding to the high-end flagship series “Mate.” Some analysts believe that this renaming not only emphasizes a high-end, minimalist brand image but also signifies preparations for international expansion.

Given Huawei’s historical distribution patterns, the release date of the new device is expected to be in the next few days. “We are fully preparing for the 18th,” mentioned one dealer.

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