Taobao Vision Pro Global Launches with Extra Features

Apple’s Vision Pro Introduces Taobao App Preview Version on the App Store

On April 17th, according to sources cited by Sina Technology, the Taobao app currently available on Apple’s Vision Pro App Store is a preview test version. The official version is very likely to be launched in sync with Vision Pro in China, with more features to be released at that time.

Earlier this year, there were reports from the supply chain indicating that Apple’s Vision Pro is expected to be launched in the Chinese market in April at the earliest, with a deadline no later than May. Supply chain sources mentioned that the registration process with the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology for Vision Pro is nearing completion. The initial supply for sales in China will be relatively tight. When Tim Cook visited the Apple Store on Fifth Avenue in New York on February 2nd, he was asked about the launch date of Vision Pro in China, to which he replied, “I am not sure about the specific time, but it will be soon.”

As reported by IT Home earlier, the version of Taobao on the App Store, designed for Vision Pro, allows users to project products into reality and compare them with other items.

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With Vision Pro, users can enjoy a 3D shopping experience on Taobao. Once Vision Pro detects a flat surface, products will be displayed on that surface with realistic lighting effects simulating the real world. Users can zoom in to view product details, as well as choose a 1:1 scale to simulate the size of items in the real world.

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